WADA 2019 Mixed Use (Concept)

Multi functional Complex by Artytechs

Location Tbilisi, Georgia. Site size 39 000 square meters. The historic district in spread on the mountainous part of the city, from which beautiful scenes fall onto Tbilisi. The place itself is viewed from central part of Tbilisi, as if it was a heart of the city. District comprises already amortized residential houses, and is characterized with intense and tight development. The location itself has an opportunity to be developed in more extensive manner, aiming at tourists, 

World Architecture & Design Awards 2019
Third Award | Category: Mixed Use (Concept)
Architects: Darejan (Daduna) Shatashvili
Studio: Artytechs
Team Members: Daduna Shatashvili (Lead architect), George Lezhava (junior architect), Levan Otarashvili (junior architect)Tellez, Eddie
Country: Georgia
Website: www.artytechs.ge

loaded with shopping and entertainment centers as well as sports and recreation spaces and hotels, will ensure profitability and increased value that will be integrate this district to the central part of Tbilisi culturally as well as economically. Development of the project area, analogically as the prospective development of the district, foresees creating active zones such as shopping and entertainment centers, sport and recreation spaces, cafes and restaurants and residential apartments.

At the initial stage of the project we made a decision to create a single structural unit, functionally and visually related to one another. Considering the environment and mountainous area, we decided to create terraces and develop construction accordingly, arranging green spaces, some for individual and others for public use. The shopping center is located in the middle of the territory combining two separate residential blocks. The shopping center also includes indoor sports center. Recreational space and inner courtyard include open cafes, children s’ entertainment spaces, green spaces, timber arbors with seats, where residents can gather together for different activities, like watching sport games with a fireplace for winter period.

The second part of the yard includes basketball and soccer fields, also a tennis court. From the courtyard shopping center is covered by green construction with a wavy form. On the top of the shopping center we arranged recreational zone with the principle of green roof. Road is designed under this construction and above it, is arranged illuminated garden.

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