WADA 2019 House Design

Nautilus Residence by Ego Estate

The project of the house Nautilus Residence was created by Vyacheslav Yaskevich in a futuristic style. The house is designed on a complex sloping plot. But in this case, the complexity was a challenge for the author, which he accepted and turned into an advantage. The architecture of the project is inspired by the ship theme. Dynamic form, perfect white facade, warm wood as a deck flooring and chrome railing create an impressive atmosphere of voyage, as if at the helm of a luxury yacht. Decorative elements of the fence repeat the outlines of the waves that the house seemed to cut, towering over the slope and creating a powerful effect of dynamics.

World Architecture & Design Awards 2019
First Award Award | Category: House Design
Architects: Vyacheslav Yaskevich
Studio: Ego Estate
Country: Russia
Website: www.nautilus-residence.ru

Nautilus is designed as one space, combining technology and comfort, demonstrating a new understanding of the possibilities of a modern house. The house is built on the principle of conservation and energy recovery. Energy-saving facades, air ventilation with heat recovery and preservation, heating system with solar collectors fill the house with energy at minimal cost. The advanced Nautilus house automation system with voice control creates an exceptional level of comfort and safety. The “smart house”  system takes control of home life and frees up personal time, which can be filled with rest or favorite pastime.

Technical information:
Total area                                                                                            300 m2
Usable area                                                                                        212 m2
The area of the operated roof                                                   113 m2
Number of floors                                                                             3
Land area                                                                                            15 000 m2

The Nautilus Residence project put into practice. The house was built in 2018 in Russia in a single copy. With its appearance, it cuts the patterns of typical urban development, and demonstrates the limitless possibilities of modern architecture.

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