WADA 2019 Office Building

Nexus Center by Sanzpont Arquitectura

Conceptual Design: Functional Pyramidal Scheme. The formal idea of the building is based on the functional concept of integrating the offices on the upper floors with the general management body, located a half level between them. Being a north facade, this administration body is proposed as a floating glass box. Bioclimatically, in addition to the solid wall oriented towards the west, there are large overhangs to prevent direct solar radiation into the interior from
other directions. The scheme of the company is a pyramid with the area of product storage and distribution infrastructure as a base, followed by the management and administration departments, and at the top of the pyramid and of the hierarchy is the executive area.

World Architecture & Design Awards 2019
Second Award | Category: Office Building
Architects: Victor Sanz
Studio: Sanzpont Arquitectura
Team Members: Victor Sanz, Sergio Sanz, Erick Alcalá Toraño, Tere García Mendez, Tania Cota, Jose Miguel Cano, Omar Cabrera, Gadiel Ramos, Marco Hernández, Jacobo Sacal, Leobardo Martínez, Jose Tellez, Eddie
Country: Mexico
Website: www.sanzpont.com

The Project: Hierarchical Distribution of Spaces.The corporate building houses three companies, “Sunglass Island”, “Watch My Watch” and “Safilo Group.” The surface area of 3,976 m² (42,797 sq. ft.) on a 113,375 m² (1,220,358 sq. ft.) site is developed throughout three levels with a hierarchical front that appears as a floating bucket and houses the executive offices. The ground floor is occupied by the product storage area for the three companies and has
loading and unloading platforms. The first floor houses the offices of the company “Sunglass Island”, the second floor the offices of “Watch My Watch” and “Safilo Group”. The front of the building has a volume of glass, or a floating cube, on the middle level between the first and second floors which houses the executive area. The
exterior parking area allows for 190 cars. The floating cube is oriented to the north and therefore avoids direct solar radiation and only receives diffused natural light. Large overhangs provide shade to all the windows and at the same time allow sunlight to enter the interior. The low consumption LED artificial light gives a more dramatic effect at night.

Functional Analysis According to the Business Organization Chart.Once this analysis is performed, a project is developed in which the building’s functional scheme reflects and resolves the spaces according to the organization of
the business. This scheme resolves the project in sections, leaving the storage on the ground floor as a base, the two companies on the two following levels and management on an intermediate level between both groups. The executive area is in the front of the building, acting as the “main face” of the company, in a volume of glass, in response to the hierarchy of the group.

Sustainable Design: Energy Savings and Efficient Use of Resources.The building concept is designed and conceived with the weather in mind, creating comfortable spaces with the lowest possible energy expenditure. It is achieved
through a passive solar design that uses renewable natural energy to achieve comfort with the greatest respect for the environment, all with a sustainable design.

Optimal Design: Work and Recreation Spaces.Natural Lighting: Windows are designed to capture natural light, allowing for optimal lighting throughout the day therefore reducing energy costs.

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