WADA 2019 Hospitality Bars & Nightclubs

Nobletree Coffee at World Trade Center by Evolve Architecture & Design

Here at EAD our design focus for not only this project but all our projects is to create a cultural and fully immersible
experience. Nobletree Coffee wanted to create a flagship location for the new food concourse at WTC Tower 4. Just steps from the famous oculus is the Nobletree space. This flagship location needed to embody the meaning and company focus of the brand which is the life cycle of the coffee bean and the organic quality in which its grown and developed. The company takes great pride in its use of recycled and organic materials both in their brick and mortar shops and their packaging. Below is an excerpt from the final design presentation explaining the true experience we were hoping to create with this design.

World Architecture & Design Awards 2019
First Award Award | Category: Hospitality Bars & Nightclubs
Architects: Elizabeth Torres
Studio: Evolve Architecture & Design
Team: Elizabeth Torres, Samantha Ponzio, Anthony Bueno
Country: United States
Website: www.eadnyc.com

Your brisk, chilly walk to your 9-5 job on yet another Monday morning comes to a halt with the familiar aroma of coffee. You picked up the scent like a police dog and your body levitates toward the origin.  Your eyes close as a deep breath fills your lungs, trying to prepare your cold soul. Lingering inside, a smiling cashier greets you and asks what it will be. Tapping your freshly painted fingernails on the wooden counter to choose what precious liquid will grace your presence. With the swipe of your card, the barista powers up the machine. You see the beans quickly fall into place as they heat up. As the machine begins to roast, the barista explains the journey of how each bean is harvested from Brazilian soil and carefully prepped for transport.

Drip, drip, the hot liquid fills the cup and the steam warms the barista’s cheeks. He turns around with a smile and coffee in hand. Your body begins to tingle with anticipation. Running your hand along the organic, burlap wallpaper as you take a seat; the cool, metal chairs balance out your warm hands. You glance around as you blow on your coffee. The large windows welcome in light that absorb into your face. Memories of your cold walk here fade away as you take your first sip of the hot brew. Lips begin to tingle as your taste buds fill with satisfaction. The slight warmth lingers as you do not want this moment to end. You take notice of the plants around the shop which the barista told you pays tribute to the Brazilian soil. You graze your hand along the wood, and it prickles your fingers. You are puzzled by the natural shine of the wood being in the concrete jungle of New York City.

The barista chimes in and says the shop was designed with real, natural wood and recycled materials to reflect the company’s values. You begin to think of the woodsmen chopping and sanding the wood to place in this shop while whistling a tune. As the clock ticks on the wall, you realize an hour has gone by. You panic as you realize you will be late to work. Sadly leaving the natural and beautiful shop, you end up being late to work. You are forgiven once you hand over a hot and fresh cup of coffee to your boss. Smart move.

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