2020 IID 🏆 Awards

Runner-Up | Anthro Salon by GRAY Arquitectura & Forma

The essence of this project is to create a sensory promenade to awake all the human senses in each and every space of its interior from the moment one walks in until all the way through the stay, designed to making people´s lives happier, and having the best version of themselves.

First Runner-Up – International Interior Design Awards 2020
Firm | GRAY Arquitectura & Forma
Designer | Arq. Gerardo Romero

Project Category | Commercial Interior Built
Project Team | Arq. Gerardo Romero, Arq. Yamil Renova, Arq. Abraham Guerreero, Arq. Francisco Aguirre, Arq. Orlando Parra, Arq. Rodolfo Prieto, L.D Iván Núñez, L.INT Carolina Muñoz, Arq. Víctor González, Arq. Luis Casas
Country | Mexico
Photographer/Copyright | ©GRAY Arquitectura & Forma

©GRAY Arquitectura & Forma

The imperfection of beauty is the main theme for the stylists who runs the place, they have evolved the way to detonate the natural beauty in each client according to their personal attributes. The place is designed with the same human sense, making a unique raw concrete that accompany the whole space, imitating the imperfection of nature with a material produced by man. The concrete worked with an innovative technique, immiting the hair follicles if seen from a microscope, that are part of the common areas.

The project is the result of the restyling and expansion of a family residence, which became a place with a variety of spaces for beauty services, one of the highlights is the Bridal Suite which distinguish itself from being of character which goes along with the hallmark of the salon. 

On the ground floor, there are areas of staying, haircut, hair dye and hair wash stations. There is also a backyard which it has a patio with a pool that is being used for events, however, it will be a cosmetology school in the near future. In the top floor there are the Bridal Suite, terrace, makeup and nails salons that are designed to be a private and warm staying for the clients. Every space it’s designed to create a sensory promenade that awakens the consciousness that has the beauty of the imperfect human and the desire of self-confidence that has being lost in this “perfect world”.

The inner space gives a sense of beauty and the natural character, like the nude concrete wall, designed to have an everlasting and stone-like texture, which appears from the outside as an architectural element that welcomes you and  the interior goes in accordance with the element that unifies all the areas in both floors.

Anthro Salon shows the beauty created by man that reflectes the day to day activities inside the room. Outside, on the façade, the transparency of the metal lattice allows us to glimpse what happens inside, without exhibiting it totally and thus giving an air of mystery, just as it happens when encountering beauty.