2020 IID 🏆 Awards

Runner-Up | Binhai Jinmao Intelligence And Science City by HWCD

Fuzhou’s urban destiny has always been closely related to the sea.The project is located in the coastal zone of Fuzhou. The designer integrates the image of the sea with the aesthetic art to create a magical journey to the sea.

Third Runner-Up – International Interior Design Awards 2020
Firm | HWCD
Designer | HWCD

Project Category | Office Building Interior Built
Country | China
Photographer/Copyright | ©HWCD


White, the enduring classic trend, elegant and fashionable, combined with the ocean culture to absorb its tone into the space, and then dotted with scattered blue, so that the whole space has a great charm. The application of various and harmonious color elements in each region has achieved the essence and soul of this case.

The seat shaped like cobblestone not only serves as the sculpture installation of the exhibition hall, but also allows people to sit quietly and have a rest. It immerses people in the natural and elegant aesthetic environment of the space, and expresses the intimacy to nature and the wonder to the beauty of nature in an extraordinary form.

The designer takes “ocean fish storm” as the inspiration source. Under the light, the changes of fish scales at different levels are applied in the changing colors of the device. Hovering above the sand table, the fish is light and clever, which increases the experience of the whole space.

Contracted sofa, blue and white alternate with the color, the quality of the edge of a few…

With transparent clever breath, people feel the “wind from the sea” natural and comfortable.

Like the current vortex of the free rise of the landscape stairs, rising up, like the waves high up.

The art installation of stainless steel is presented in the form of flowing water, the fusion of sensibility and rationality, and the dissolution of the cold sense of material with fun.

The Chandelier Duna, inspired by the River Danube, ditches the traditional Cartesian geometry.

Its design concept is to achieve three – dimensional, asymmetric, cross – glass form.

The free and elegant personality is implanted into the artistic conception of the space. The curvaceous layout makes this quiet space “flow” naturally. When the sunlight is gently sprinkled in this space, a touch of natural “white” and “blue” is more layered under the influence of artistic aesthetics, forming a delicate and free space style of its own.