2020 UDAD 🏆 Awards

Runner-Up: Hinjewadi New Community | DADA Partners, GPL Design Studio

“Crafting a new model for high-density urban living in a way that it creates new vibrant public spaces for the city while providing for a generous and safe Communal green lung”.

Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2020

Hinjewadi New Community
Urban Design Concept

DADA Partners / GPL Design Studio

Mukul Arora

Design Team
Mukul Arora, Rakesh Kumar, Anubhav Gupta, Jitesh Donga, Rahul Dubey, Sahiba Hameed, Dwaipayan Aich, Saumya Saxena, Diksha Singh, Vanshika Bharaj

Pune, Maharashtra, India

Area/Built-up Area
124 ac. | 10 million sqft.

Public Parks
20 ac


©DADA Partners

Hinjewadi township creates a strong iconic centre for a high-density mixed-use community on the outskirts of Pune which is known for its strong employment base while at the same time has an absolute lack of public spaces or amenities. The plan explores the mythical idea of ‘gardens within gardens’ and translates it into a safe, interactive, and experiential lifestyle space for the nearly 20,000 plus residents.

A contiguous privately managed open space system binds the 100+ acre project as a singular place and offers a safe green necklace set within a 6000+ treed urban forest for its 50,000 residents the 20 acres plus central park along with a large city club has direct access form the surrounding housing parcels and is knitted with the more intimate community level green spaces and their independent clubhouse. This highly integrated and accessible one km long ‘open space necklace’ is intensively programmed at strategically located Nodes, thereby encouraging interaction between the otherwise “gated insular” housing communities. A series of civic and retail nodes further help activate the green oasis at multiple points.

A series of porous, loosely programmed, threshold or follies act as the interface between the two open space systems. These thresholds are designed to allow for maximum interface between the built fabric and open space while accommodating for prosaic demands of Parking, services etc.

The downtown parcel is the public face of the project and is defined by the pedestrian city plaza and the ‘maximized’ retail edge while the two iconic towers anchor the development in the region the “market hall” is a curated experiential district that bridges and acts as a spatial regulator between the high energy downtown and the quieter embryonic central park district.

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