2020 UDAD 🏆 Awards

Runner-Up: Lianfa Emperor Palace | GND Jiedi Landscape Design

Emperor Palace is an ecological community with high quality and lower plot ratio, developed by Lianfa Group, one of the Top One Hundred real estate companies throughout the country. It is composed of high-rise residences, foreign-style villas of lower plot ratio. The project is located at Meiguan Avenue of Zhangjiang District, and it is next to the river, just across a road from Zhangjiang National Wetland Park.

Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2020

Lianfa Emperor Palace
Landscape Design Built

GND Jiedi Landscape Design

Li Bing

Lianfa Group Jiangxi Region

Owner Management Team:
Wang Min, Ouyang Lin, Deng Chundan, Wu Jinglun, Li Xingyang, Zhu Xiaoliang, Du Wu

Landscape Design:
GND Jiedi Landscape Design

Design Content:
full cycle design of landscape

Project Area:
51835.2 square meters

Completion Time:
June 2020

Design Period:
9 weeks

Chief Designer:
Li Bing, Qiu Ge, Zhong Yongcheng

Concept Design:
Sun Diwang, Nongbo

Construction Drawing Design:
Dai Jianli, Liu Yubin, Yang Youqiang, Chen Wenda

Hydroelectric Design:
Zhou Peng, Hu Mingyao

Plant DDesign:
Zeng Fengling, Liu Qin, Chen Jingxuan

Planning/Visual Effects:
GND Creation Studio

Construction Team:
Chen Yajing, Tan Wendong

Ganzhou, Jiangxi


©GND Jiedi Landscape Design

Looking for the Flavor of Home under the Ancient Tree

GND is responsible for landscape design of this project. At the beginning, we have searched the memories and historical changes of this land, through investigation and survey on the city and history and discussion with the local community. There are six ancient trees which have witnessed the changes of the land, just like old people in their 80s and 90s. Based on these findings, we develop the landscape design around the ancient trees, to form a layout centering on the ancient trees. Besides, we have introduced the surrounding natural landscape resources into the residence, aiming at creating a livable life space full of fresh air and beautiful scenery. 

It starts from the ceremonial space of the front scenery, to the central courtyard of the middle scenery, and to the club and the sink-style courtyard. The layer- by-layer landscape space has shaped a kind of fun with abundant gradation and highlighted style.

For the ceremonial space at the entrance, the form of combining shrubs with linear planting is adopted to create the spatial series. The central axis of the porch is set symmetrically, while the large cornice shows a grand momentum, making the logo wall look like low profile and luxury. 

Across the porch, we will arrive at the central courtyard, where the square is surrounded by verdant green plants and the water trickles sluggishly, making us feel refreshed. The water pours down and splashes, then comes into being dense spray above the view in the water, making the whole scene more poetic.  

Hollow leaf blade sculpture stands erect in the water, showing the perfect combination of shadow, light and volume. It matches with the tree array square. The whole space describes a quiet, harmonious, natural and plain picture.

Bring urban life into nature, the community reception room centers at keeping the ancient tree. It designs to be a place for mix activities to satisfy people of all ages in terms of amusement, relaxation and fitness.

It is such a good spot under the ancient trees, where kids can play joyfully, the aged can rest, and the adults can do exercise to keep fit. It is full of happy memories, surprise and pleasure. Immersed in natural fine view, the residents can feel the warmth of home. 

Once you go downstairs, you can enjoy the pleasure brought by running on the closed-loop jogging track of more than one thousand meters. It provides a safe and comfortable place for runners through the design of colors, signs and illuminating system. Vegetation surrounds both sides of the runway. It can provide runners the experience of enjoying different views when they move steps, which makes running full of fun.  

There are characteristic fountain and sculpture, wooden relaxation platform, flat and wide lawn, well-bedded landscape. It is such a fantastic community back garden to receive visitors, which provides residents with a comfortable place for rest and activity to satisfy the outdoor and social demands of neighborhoods.  

This project searches the essence of design in terms of interleaving and harmony of nature, humanity and life. It is characterized by trees, mountain scenery and waterscape, just like a natural and chic picture roll. It creates the poetic atmosphere of “back to nature and freedom like a bird out from the cage”. The atmosphere of home is stronger, which is not only the home for soul, but also for inheriting.

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