2020 UDAD 🏆 Awards

Runner-Up: Origine | NÓS Architectes & KANVA Architecture

The project proposes a building of superior architectural quality and durability, in particular through the use of clay brick, a noble material that will be more resistant to weathering and will age aesthetically. Due to its composition and volume, the project is resolutely contemporary. It is, however, based on the characteristic features of its surroundings, complementing the built environment in a harmonious manner. The quality of the composition as well as the materials and landscaping contribute to enhancing the value of the sector. The reference to the riverside path and the enhancement of one of its historical witnesses also contribute to preserving the character of the founding layout.

Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2020

Residential Architecture Built

NÓS Architectes & KANVA Architecture

Charles L. Proulx

Design Team
Charles L. Proulx, Gil Hardy, Vanessa Parent, Rami Bebawi & Tudor Radulescu



©Studio Primer

In addition to the strong greening, sustainable development can be seen in several aspects, such as the white colour of the pavement (reducing the heat island effect), the planting bins allowing for urban agriculture, maximizing the contribution of natural light and sunlight, promoting active mobility and universal access. The commemoration strategy highlights the site itself, with a strong reminder of the old pavilion.

The diversity of housing typologies makes it possible to appeal to many types of clientele, including families. The landscaping is an integral part of the project and combines several greening strategies that make it a veritable island of greenery and freshness.

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