2020 IID 🏆 Awards

Runner-Up: The Cube Nail Lab by Dexign Matter Studio

The Cube Nail Lab located in Toronto Canada, is characterized by its interior, where the walls, floor and ceiling are covered in a continuous ceramic tile pattern. With thoughtful consideration of the brand, a colour of pink was picked by the designer Zoe Lee to give it a refreshing look that sets the character apart from the typical glossy and glamorous images of a nail spa. “We worked the interior space around its branding colours and paired it with copper finishes to create a warm, cozy environment for a fully modern look”

Third Runner-Up – International Interior Design Awards 2020
Firm | Dexign Matter Studio
Designer | Zoe Lee

Project Category | Interior Design
Project Team | Zoe Lee
Country | Canada
Photographer/Copyright | ©Dexign Matter Studio

©Dexign Matter Studio

The concept stems from the branding idea of Rubik’s Cube. The tiled grid is a guide for the entrance area, the pattern manages to flow consistently at each corner this is illustrated where the wall or counter meets the ground. This geometric wall covering also extends the concept of cubes and lines into the pedicure area.

Following the dimensions of 4” X 4” and 8”x 8” pink tile, coupled with the pastel color palette, the retail outlet evokes a simple, ordered yet playful space. Rectangular and cube shaped shelves have been carved from the wall. “It’s a space within a space” says Zoe Lee. Its effect is a delicate, clean but eye-catching aesthetic.