APR Office Building

Second Award – Attic Lab by Attic Lab Architecture Studio

Global Future Design Awards 2019
Second Award
Category: Office Building
Firm: Attic Lab Architecture Studio
Architect: SHINOOP PM
Country: India

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User Requirement: The project starts with the desire for a workspace for my wife and me. Both practising architects and we share the passion for architecture, music and painting. The site is within in the premises of our ancestral home. The site has an extent of 3 cents and has marshy soil condition. Space needed to be flexible and work as a workspace, place to practice music and discussion space.

Design Process: With the notion of having separate blocks for music and architecture, several layouts were worked out and eventually ended up in a single block with areas that can adapt to meet multiple functions. The idea of no walls resulted in a prism shaped ribbed structure that does not demand heavy foundation and thereby saving the cost for foundation and walls.

Construction Process: The selection of materials and construction techniques were influenced by the structural load, cost, time of installation and maintenance over the time and sustainability.  Our material pallet consists of reused laterite, recycled steel, terracotta, cement board, MDF, plywood, glass and GI sheets. The dimensions were planned before hand to avoid wastage and make installation easier and faster.

Attic Lab: The structure is oriented in north-south axis. Ilenji trees on southern side blocks the harsh sun. A relaxing space faces towards north receiving prevailing winds and pleasant light. The small lily pond that adds grace to the garden is the main source of water for birds and animal during summer season. The left over laterite stones from foundation.

Stepping inside: The interior had to be flexible. Since we need to use the space both as an office space to practice Architecture and private space to work on our passion. The whole space is divided into two levels ground floor and attic level, which acts as workspace and leisure respectively.

The interior is modern and compact. Interior has been treated with a beauty in incomplete theme in order to reduce the cost of finishes. Ceiling is exposed natural mud clay ceiling tile which complements with unfinished plywood furniture, exposed concrete flooring and exposed mud clay wall claddings. The attic serves as an insulator for the ground floor, keeping the space cool and cozy.

Construction process: The cabin is designed by couple architects (me & my wife) for us with an interest in music and painting. We wanted this to be our home studio, a place where they can work, practice music and relax. The long and steep sloping roof frames the cabin and gives it a compact and at the same time practical character. Ceiling clay tiles also acts as good heat insulator to prevent heat gain from outer GI sheets. We have also provided a one-ton split ac since the space is also served as an office space. Because of the clients prefer more climatic comfort.