2021 GFD 🏆 Awards

Second Award | Central Mansion | HILL LANDSCAPE

The project Central Mansion is located in Shaoxing, Zhejiang. It sits in the hinterland of Jinghu Lake water network, with water systems on east and west sides, and adjoins Jinghu Fishing and Hunting Park, Jinghu National Wetland Park, and a riverside sports park. It enjoys rich supporting resources and optimal landscape view. The Hill Landscape team took natural resources as a medium to integrate natural poetry into the landscape scenes, hence creating a close-to-nature artistic landscape work for local people.

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🏆 Second Award
Global Future Design Awards 2021

Central Mansion
Public Landscape Architecture Built



Design Team
Richard Cheng, Huang Mulai, He Juntong, Gao Shuangshang, Huang Xiao, Quan Xiaomei, Xie Li

Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, China


©Qiu Ripei

An artistic walking journey

    Central Mansion features a minimalist aesthetic style. The architectural design drew on the city’s characteristic rich water systems. Through varying horizontal and vertical lines, and the utilization of aluminum, stone and glass elements, a modern architectural facade was created. Based on modern interpretation of ancient culture, the landscape design broke through conventional design techniques, incorporated surreal design languages, and created an artistic walking journey linked by four different landscape spaces.

Gate of art

    The entrance landscape is conceived as a “gate of art”, showing an understated luxurious, modern and fashionable image. The cutting techniques highlight the texture and strength of the gateway structures. The low-profile luxurious metal decorations contrast with the white marble wall. With a sense of ritual, the intriguing gate leads to the “canyon” and opens up an artistic journey.

Hidden canyon

    The “gate of art” leads to the mysterious “canyon”, where high and low artistic walls form a valley and winding path. Light and shadows fall on the white wall, and move with the breeze, creating an ethereal view. As people walk slowly by the water at night, the mist is under the feet, as if they inadvertently encounter a fairyland.

    Compared with Western structural beauty, Oriental aesthetic is fluid, refined, elegant, and beyond form. The small-scale courtyard provides a unique experience of traveling thousands of miles. After passing through the “canyon”, there is an open world, where trees, gravel, ponds, water mist and spring ripples form a fluid scene with modern natural poetry, making the garden and art become nature itself.

Monet’s garden

    As walking out of the valley, an expansive green scene comes into sight. Looking through the pergola, people will feel like they’ve entered the secret garden of their home, and also feel like they’ve lost the way. The pruned plants show perfect combination of natural aesthetic and craftsmanship.

    Keeping moving forward, visitors will slowly step into the water garden within “Monet’s garden”. Strolling by the water and stepping on the floating arched bridge, visitors are able to get relaxed, feel future life scenes, and immerse themselves in a tranquil natural and artistic journey.


    Passing through the building, the crowd will meets in the backyard, where art exchanges, events, swimming and water play activities can be carried out. The cozy atmosphere combined with the plant cluster forms a relatively private backyard, which creates a natural and mysterious modern landscape space.

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