2021 GFD 馃弳 Awards

Second Award | Gemdale 路 Joy Bay Exhibition Center | Shanghai PTArchitects

Ideal dwellings are what bustling cities need. The project is the demonstration area and sales center of the residential development 鈥淕emdale路Joy Bay鈥, covering a land area of 5,630.5 m虏 and a floor area of 1,414.67 m虏. The main two-storey building is 10.15 meters high, which is a temporary structure. Located in Jiading New Town of Shanghai, the project is 600 meters away from the Jiajian highway station of the Jiamin rail line (under planning), and adjoins a primitive camphor grove on the east side.

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馃弳 Second Award
Global Future Design Awards 2021

Gemdale 路 Joy Bay Exhibition Center
Commercial Building Built

Shanghai PTArchitects

Shanghai PTArchitects

Design Team
Ren Xiangyi, Hu Qiao, Guo Junyan, Fu Yuelin, Cao Min, Zhou Yi, Li Jianfei, Bi Qingfeng, Xu Yuhao, Cai Aping, He Wentao, Jin Nengjun, Wang Shuocheng, Zhang Qiangqiang, Cai Xinwen



漏Guo Junxuan, Zhou Yi, Zhi An

According to functions, the demonstration area can be divided into five parts, including entrance garden, waterscape courtyard, open corridors, colonnade and the main architectural volume – the sales center. The entire area features well-organized rhythmical narrative spaces, as well as delicate and elegant details. The display environment is taken as an overall visual element, and a most appropriate form of architectural spaces was conceived to generate a continuous city-facing surface.

The architects reexamined and drew on classical architectural aesthetics, especially the proportion, line, light & shadow and texture. Based on the current trends, they abandoned complicate design modes and pursued simplicity and also adopted modern materials, craftsmanship and approaches to restore the orderly, ritualistic, shared and graceful classical aesthetics. The diversified courtyards showcase the modern interpretation of the spirit of the cultured people. The various entrances and courtyards enhance the elegance of the architecture.

The architectural facade inherits the elements of western classical buildings. The architects extracted elements such as golden ratio, arrayed frame and juxtaposed square arched doorways, Complemented by delicate flood lighting, the facade presents elegance and order, resonates with the aesthetics of modern architecture and creates an ever-lasing beauty for visitors to appreciate. Accentuated by the warm-colored light, the tall and slim cross ribs of the inner corridor look magnificent. The ancient structures were perfectly in tune with the modern materials. By utilizing appealing architectural languages, the architects reinterpreted the texture and traces handed down from the classical architectures.

The camphor grove on the east of the site serves as a part of the landscape garden. The facade near it was designed to be an arcade. Drawing on the design approaches of the classical gardens, the architects expected the arcade to be an optical transitional space and generate a continuous city-facing surface.

Art is defined by the perpetual innovation of details. At the early stage of schematic design and the later stage of construction, the architects persisted in polishing and perfecting the textures and details and putting their design concepts into practice, thereby ensuring the completion of the project. Beige stones and champagne-gold copper-like brushed aluminum panels were used as main materials. Besides, crafts like grooving treatment of stones and inlaying of stainless metal wires were adopted.   

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