2021 GFD 🏆 Awards

Second Award | Jabuticabeira’s Residence | Vivian Coser Arquitetos Associados

The land on which the Residence of Jabuticabeira will be executed, is located in Ilha do Frade, one of the most privileged neighborhoods of Vitória – Espirito Santo, which is named because it is, in fact, an island that connects the city through a single bridge. This land stands out for its view of the sea.

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🏆 Second Award
Global Future Design Awards 2021

Jabuticabeira’s Residence
Residential Architecture Concept

Vivian Coser Arquitetos Associados

Vivian Coser Sette

Design Team
Vivian Coser, Diego Pandolfi, Indiara Barbieri, Fabiano Sargnalia and Isabella Barbosa

Ilha do Frade, Vitória – ES, Brazil


©Vivian Coser Arquitetos Associados

In slope, the topography of the land (higher in the street and lower in the boundary with the sea) facilitated to ensure that all the main environments have a sea view.   

The biophilia applied in this architectural project guarantees the approximation with nature and replicates the aspect of calm and relaxation, so that residence is a refuge from the intense pace of the city.

In addition, the solution to reduce the environmental impacts caused by construction and its use over the years is the use of engineered wood in frames and ceilings. What distinguishes this wood from other materials is the fact that it is a renewable raw material and sustainable production in native or planted Brazilian forests. 

The level difference is something significant in the house, which starts at level 0.00 (street) and the last at -10.40, due to the sharp terrain. The house has three floors, the entrance is on the third floor, where were positioned most of the rooms and intimate environments of the house.

The entrance Hall gives access to the intimate part and the staircase through which the second floor is accessed. Down this staircase, on the second floor are located the service and social sectors that has kitchen, service area, living room and gourmet area, as well as guest rooms. 

Outside a Super White quartzite-coated pool area was designed. Next to the pool, a dry space with sofas and plants was planned, at a lower level than the floor. To the right of the pool, is located the staircase that gives access to the first floor, on level -10.40, and in it is inserted games room, gym and, also an external living area, with privileged views to the sea.

On the upper floor, the rooms have access to a balcony facing the sea, which receives a green roof. The gourmet space has a garden designed to receive two generous winters gardens contributing to cross ventilation, natural lighting and biophilia. The largest of these gardens receives an artificial lake, with running water.

The cover receives photovoltaic plates that enable the capture clean of energy and convert to home use. Green roofs were also inserted into the roofs, which have several sustainable benefits such as thermal comfort, and increases the relative humidity of the environment. The green roof also allows greater drainage, preventing flooding and facilitating rainwater harvesting, which can be reused. The different levels and strategic positioning of the openings and the internal gardens ensure natural lighting cross ventilation that, together with the green roof, significantly reduce energy expenditure for air conditioning purpose.

The contemplation of art and nature is essential for future residents.

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