APR Sports & Recreation


Global Future Design Awards 2019
Second Award
Architects: Zhichao Xu
Project Address: Room 103, Yi Hu Hua Ting, Jiahu East Road, Jiangning District, Nanjing
Project area: 300㎡
Main plan designer: Xu Zhichao
Design Team: Wu Zhuang, Chen Lei, Chen Jinpeng, Gong Fangyuan, Chen Xinhan
Photograph: Jin Xiaowen
Main Materials: Latex Paint, art lacquer, silver mirror, ceramic plate, marble, floor, sports floor MATS
Category: Sports & Recreation
Country: China

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It is well known that exercise is good for health, and fitness space is definitely a space to be accept exhaustion and guide the healthy.Light is the greatest gift that nature has given us.We take it to the fitness space what extend and change it.We put green plants in space to make the space brighter, greener and more vibrant.

This project is a space for a fitness studio.In order to maximize the quality of space, we adopted the concept of “Time”.We think of fitness space as a box, and draw a few slanting parallel lines on the box to form a dynamic arrangement.At the same time, we use the concept of “Yin and Yang” in Chinese traditional culture.When we separate the slanted parallel lines from the box body and combine it with the original box body, we will form a semi-enclosed motion space visually.

We will have the wall of the light trough section to place the whole mirror, which will not only satisfy the use of the moving crowd, but also reflect the inner wall and the lamp band at the top.This enlarges the visual sense of the space, enriches the space structure, also lets the space form a dynamic time tunnel.The light color of the lamp band can be changed, and it can be changed into more than 1000 colors.In this way, we can adjust the light color of the space according to the different seasons and periods, and can create the motion space with different theme characteristics through the change of color.For example, purple goddess movement space, pink lovely sports space, etc.

In the bathroom, we use a combination of ceramic plates and mirrors.We try to combine all the elements in the space to make the space a whole.The goal is to make the space visually feel larger and brighter through visual extension.

Fitness studio’s day lighting is good, facing south window guaranteed certain light and day lighting. But a whole row of green plants outside the window is the most precious decoration.The aerobic exercise is arranged in front of the green landscape, and we can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery while exercising.At the same time, the green plants outside the window will be reflected on the entire mirror wall, bringing green into the interior space.