2021 GFD 🏆 Awards

Second Award | Space Canyon | Design Apartment

Through the concept of a canyon combined with the landscape, the neighboring buildings gaze at each other.

Architecture exists between nature and men and becomes the medium. Wuhan International Community not only meets the clients’ needs for lifestyle. Starting from the limitless imagination for life, Da-Interior and Jinmao discuss the real needs in life and hope to refine out the simplest essence of the space. Each corner makes a scene. The life space could be full of possibilities.

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🏆 Second Award
Global Future Design Awards 2021

Space Canyon
Interior Design Corporate & Commercial Built

Design Apartment

Design Apartment

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Volume Deconstruction

Connecting the folded surfaces and arcs, the interior design is dealt with the clear-cut blocks. The design techniques of partial slotting, superposition, and traction are combined to naturally extend the architectural design in the space. In the overall space tone, the lines of the building extend as light shines and reflect sand at the same time create the different feelings of minimalist modernity and unseen future. It can be described as the atmosphere of the “city valley” with the tranquil and far-reaching future. In the canyon, it is as if the stream and tumbling mists and clouds were going to escape from the fetters defined by the canyon. The thinking presents the calm and comfortable space feeling with the grand visual effect. The mutual combination creates the vitality and depth of the building.

Art Ladder

The architectural style is installed in the interior space. The multi-dimensional space vision is constructed by cutting through the oppression.

The traditional staircases are built into the link at the center of the neighborhood for residents to communicate with and look at each other so that they will have the better interaction and integration.

 The designer makes use of the abstract purification of the bionic design in the central empty area, removing the stream and context of the canyon and introducing the architectural style with abundant changes of light and shadow to the center of the neighborhood.

Natural Media

 The concepts of canyon and stream are refined to serve as the architectural carrier in the plane composition through the abstract purification of the bionic design. The western minimalist painting technique is applied to adapt the language of “mountain” and to transform the contour of the reception counter. As the multi-dimensional space is filled with geometric patterns, the interior layering of the building is enriched and the unity of the interior rhythm, melody, and feeling is achieved.

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