2021 GFD 🏆 Awards

Second Award | Tongwei Global Exhibition Center | ZHOYU  IN

Located south of Chengdu’s downtown area, Tongwei Global Headquarters Enterprise Showroom sits close to Tianfu Avenue. Conceived as overlapping ‘transparent frames’ facing Tianfu Avenue, the building effectively integrates a distinct texture and public landscape and becomes a park open to citizens in Chengdu.

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🏆 Second Award
Global Future Design Awards 2021

Tongwei Global Exhibition Center
Public Building Concept



Design Team
LI Yang, XU Haifeng, ZHANG Yiming, LIANG Changbin, CHENG Yu, PANG Haiqing, GAO Senhe, YANG Tong

Chengdu, Sichuan Province



The building is divided into two rectangles according to functions, both of which have a suitable width, and the space in the middle is used to obtain sufficient lighting and good ventilation.

Under the city context, continue to increase the north-south division of the site, dissolve the building into a more flexible structure, create a flying corridor in the middle, and connect with the public site on the north side. The strip-shaped building following the staggered segmentation gives a sense of growth and a distinctive sense of volume, as well as better lighting and lake views.

Transparent frame:

To alleviate pressure of the building on Tianfu Avenue and achieve harmony between the architecture and nature, architects manage to control building height and put blocks in staggered arrangement in grids. With clear logic, these blocks facing Tianfu Avenue are completely covered with ultra-clear glass, and the other 3 narrow interfaces are metal wall. The building resembles several abstract and transparent ‘frames’. A few overlapping ‘frames’ and flying corridor can be seen as visitors move. The ‘frames’ in various heights result in ‘gaps’ through which light streams. As rays of light goes through the building, amazing light effect arises indoors.

City parlor for citizens in Chengdu:

Architects hope to create a city parlor instead of a traditional setting-style and streamlined “showroom”. The whole site is fully open to the avenue, and its grid structure makes a twist at both ends to form an entrance square. Meanwhile, it embraces a large water area.

The ‘boundless’ building minimizes its centrality and strengthens its openness. Design team create a ‘flying corridor’ across the south and north on the second floor among different functional blocks. The 300-meter-long corridor connects the southern and northern areas of the site, allowing visitors to enjoy natural views. In the future, the corridor will also become a pivot between different buildings.

Sophisticated construction:

The façade is mainly built from ultra-clear glass and silver-white aluminum panels, so it can be transparent or reflective and a good fit with the nature. Based on sophisticated modular design, the showroom features 8.1m-long column grid structure, and all glass units are 1.62m wide. The side elevation looks striking, as its dense vertical metal lines are really impressive, the unified width modulus is 0.6m, and the single aluminum honeycomb panel is 13m, which is the longest in China. Precise modulus control on the facade and side part adds rational aesthetics and exquisite workmanship to the building.

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