IASA 2018 Residential

Sherbourne Residence by Minarc

The design for the Sherbourne home is multifaceted and places simultaneous focus on sustainability, color and space with design elements oriented in a way that takes full advantage of natural light and cross-ventilation. The polished concrete floor flows inside-out in an unobstructed manner, which increases the home’s overall fluidity while blurring the lines between the interior and exterior courtyards.

International Award for Sustainable Architecture Awards 2018
Third Award | Category: Residential
Architects: Erla Ingjaldsdottir
Studio Name: Minarc
Team Members: Erla Ingjaldsdottir, Tryggvi Thorsteinsson
Country: United States
Website: www.minarc.com

The home utilizes cutting edge fabrication methods made possible by mnmMOD, a sustainable building material that can yield ‘net zero’ efficiency.

A suspended staircase of pleated raw steel ascends the second floor from the hallway. The Sherbourne home features separate spaces for each family member that, while private, all revolve around the core of the house. The living room, dining room and great room, the ceilings of which are all double story, overlook the in-ground pool in order to maximize space. The exterior courtyard is well appointed and consists of a lounge area and fire pit, as well as a complete outdoor kitchen and dining room.

The Sherbourne home truly excels at bringing the inside out, or the outside in.

In addition to functionality, Minarc’s interest in simple, eco-conscious design is centered around creating a truly healthy environment throughout the entire home, and the mnmMOD building material plays a key role in helping the Sherbourne home attain this. mnmMOD is a new, highly sustainable panelized building system developed by Minarc that features the economy and waste-reduction of pre-fab, while yielding ‘net zero’ efficiency along with a range of other construction and homeowner benefits. The mnmMOD system allows for a significant reduction of
necessary manpower during construction, and further benefits builders due to its rapid construction process that entirely replaces traditional wood frame homebuilding techniques.

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