2023 GFD 🏆 Awards

Silver Winner – Changchun Poly Long View Stacked Villa | JLa Vermillion Gift

The project is located in Changchun, China. The design team deconstructs the Yuppie Spirit from four dimensions: intelligence, quality, comfort and aesthetics.

The interior is delicately decorated with artistic crystal lights, warm marble, clear cutlery, etc., emitting an air of harmony. The negative floor carries all-age interaction, with each family member having a private space for relaxation and fun.

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Silver 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2023

Changchun Poly Long View Stacked Villa
Interior Design (Built)

JLa Vermillion Gift

Yee Xiong

Design Team
JLa Vermillion Gift

Project Location
Changchun, China


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The semi-open study space has a variety of priceless artwork on exhibit, while the high-end atelier, with its stylish environment, is designed for the hostess with elegant taste. Besides, the family and friends can get together in the yard to enjoy life by barbecuing, drinking wine and tea, and engaging in other activities.

People can relax and feel comfortable in the master bedroom, and sky blue colors are used to represent the children’s imagined space realm. Future interstellar components, spacecraft orbital paths, and space capsule modeling pique their infinite curiosity about the unknown universe.

The space elements extend to kid’s play paradise, with the slide and bubble poor offering an immersive environment. In addition, the eye-catching red sport car will grab everyone’s attention. With its fluid lighting strip and ordered space tunnel, it displays style, enthusiasm, and speed.

Thanks to these efforts, the residents’ social circle and family emotions are linked while their spiritual aspirations and aesthetic tastes are satisfied. Elegance, art, and human well-being meet and clash in this ideal home.