2022 IID 🏆 Awards

Silver Winner – Glinz Hotel by MEGRE INTERIORS

The international design bureau MEGRE INTERIORS has designed the interior of the new Ginza Hotel, located in one of the most atmospheric places in St. Petersburg – on Petrogradsky Island, on the embankment of the Nevka River.

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Silver 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2022

Glinz Hotel
Hospitality Interior


Yuna Megre

Design Team
Designers of MEGRE INTERIORS bureau, as well as Ginza Project

Saint Petersburg, Kazarmenny lane, 2/42

United States



The architecture of the building became the basis for the concept of interior design, reflecting the connections of the past and the future. The arches are accentuated by textured tactile plaster in the style of a mud hut, which gives interesting figurative associations, softens the geometry of the space. Due to its tone and texture, the material resembles the cream of freshly brewed frothy latte, cumulus clouds of the St. Petersburg sky, the walls of ancient buildings and even a fluffy duvet. The matte and rough texture of the plaster expressively contrasts with the smooth glossy surfaces used in the interior.

The color scheme is based on nuances and the play of warm shades of gray and sand, creating an enveloping cozy atmosphere inside the hotel. Cold light falls from the windows most of the year, so all shades were tested and selected directly on the object to achieve the effect of a warm glow. Textiles of calm tones, pleasant to the touch, doubles the feeling of home comfort of the Glinz hotel.

Multifunctional ground floor area

The main “highlight” of the project is the multifunctional zone of the first floor, which hotel guests can use at any time of the day. There is a reception desk, lobby, lounge area, business center, bar, as well as a small restaurant.


The design of the rooms is minimalistic, concise and relaxing. There are no unnecessary details, the space is as functional and comfortable as possible. The design of the rooms is designed in the same style as the multifunctional area of the hotel: light and warm tones; voluminous pieces of furniture with smooth lines, which were complemented by style-forming graphic elements – vertical stripes on the walls. Almost all the furniture in the rooms is designed by MEGRE INTERIORS.

Designers paid special attention to beds. A soft transformer headboard allows you to change the configuration of the room.

The Glinz rooms lack the usual bulky cabinets. Instead, the designers have developed an author’s open storage system inspired by the fashion boutiques of the city.

The Glinz Hotel is a fashionable chamber hotel for those who appreciate quality, history, authenticity and modern comfort.