2022 GFD 🏆 Awards

Silver Winner | Green Valley Airport Terminal Hub | Puretao Architects

Targeting on creating a Harmonious, Safe, Efficient and Green airport economy as the goal, with the changes on the comprehensive commune transportation, fully comprehend the “wisdom airport hub design growth” impacts, forming a dot to line and area “transportation economy” development structure.

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Silver 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2022

Green Valley Airport Terminal Hub
Sustainable Architecture (Concept)

Puretao Architects


Design Team
Pingping Xia, Jianghai Zhu, Paul Fang, Qing Huang, Lisa Zhou

Chengdu, China


©Puretao Architects

Wisdom Airport Hub

Shengdu Shuangliu Airport is the China Middle west most busy hub, it is the inland’s most important airport passenger and cargo distribution center. Since the built on November 2009, it has break the history record on holding more than two thousand passengers. Recently, it has become the top No.4 inland airport throughput metrics, almost reaching to five thousand people. Orderly, effective and high qualified cargo undertaking has become a marvelous business opportunities for cargo transportation, therefore, it has become part of the airport development needs. Wisdom airport, highly TOD integration and facilitation has made the Shuangliu airport become part of Chengdu and the overall northwest area’s highly speedy development window and active machine on broadcasting and producing.

Active New Landmark

A typical shopping and trading show, creating an international creative community atmosphere. With the resourceful property management development, operation experience and international resource integration ability. Bridging an international living system, presenting the city’s industrialized achievement and Chengdu people’s diligence and wisdom.

A model on city integration

A new born culture of the city, an example on the economy development. Fashion, leisure and trading experience that attracting all different kinds of consumers, promoting the communication between cities. A muti-functional space that connecting the city showroom, creative experience and diversified center, various of airport hub tourist activities, building a creative and intelligent culture exemplified highland.