2022 GFD 🏆 Awards

Silver Winner | Hangzhou Qibao Garden City Commerical Complex | team+ design consultant

The project is located in Hangzhou, China. The site faces the east side of Hangzhou Ningbo Expressway and is close to the subway line.

There are a large number of residential and office land around the site, with need to increase a number of commercial buildings.

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Silver 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2022

Hangzhou Qibao Garden City Commerical Complex
Commercial Architecture (Built)

team+ design consultant

Xia Li

Design Team
Chenghang Xiao、Yi Li、Qingqing Xu、Kangjin Guo、Shuyue Sun、Xinzhu Zhu、Shasha Wang、Lin Li、Yijun Ding、Shaobai Xu、Na Wang、Jie Wang 、Yinshi Cui、Xin Yi

Jiuhe Road, Metro Line 1 Qibao Station, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou


©Jietu Beijing

The total construction area of the project is about 108000 square meters. Garden city is designed with 10 floors above ground and 3 floors underground. Among them, floors 1-5 are shopping malls, floors 5-10 are apartments, and the sunken square connects with the subway to facilitate travel.

The design is inspired by the landscape of Hangzhou. With the core concept of “cloud Valley and nine streams, enjoying life” and in combination with the needs of the project and surrounding areas, it plans core business forms such as sports, parent-child, culture, leisure and entertainment, and life services. It is hoped that through the introduction of composite theme business forms, people can truly enjoy life here. Create a new generation of dynamic commercial landmark with unique Hangzhou characteristics. It aims to bring people a new choice for a better life on TOD.

The building is inspired by the valley and the stream, the entrance of both sides of the terraced-like style of the combination of sunken courtyard to form a canyon-like public space, to guide people into the mall inside. On both sides of the exit can be properly set up outside the pendulum and green, the formation of a unique urban public space, so that people stop to stay at rest.

The canyon is above the towering peaks, office towers in the modeling through the roof of the oblique cutting to strengthen the overall building landmark and visual tension, while the office and the overall physical relationship between business more coordinated and fit. While the horizontal louvre line not only strengthened the horizontal tension of the building and the overall arc effect.

People on the terrace open chat, sun shining the shadow and silver gray aluminum side by side.As the mountain-like movement of the flow of the formation of a rich set of recreational space,combined with landscape green and internal 24-hour bar function, so that the street facade rich and

vivid, full of vitality.

Along the stream continue to walk is verdant trees and large tracts of tea garden, a kind of people in the middle of the painting feeling. When the weather is warm, the child can play the water at the stream. The young people in the next chatting, green plants, trees, seats and scattered cabins into the rooftop open space for shopping people to provide a unique natural experience, as the jungle, to guide people to explore the experience.

Jiuxi is located in the West Lake west of the mountains, by a number of small streams from the convergence of the “Y” shaped stream, the roof stream of gratitude from this, after the rain, near the forest smoke rising, the valley misty, “Tobacco tree” landscape.