2021 IID 🏆 Awards

Silver Winner | HKJC Valley@7 | Concept i

Hong Kong Jockey Club recently opened its major new extension to its Happy Valley Clubhouse referred to as “The Hilltop in the Valley”. The new clubhouse comprises a twelve-story building designed by Wong & Ouyang Architects, on a 46,600 sq.m land parcel previously used for a stable block. As part of an international collection of designers assigned to the project, (one for each Level) Concept i was appointed as the Interior Designers for Level 7 of the complex.

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Silver Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2021

HKJC Valley@7
Hospitality Interior Built

Concept i

Concept i

Design Team
Somrath T., Kittisak J., Peihan S.

Hong Kong


©Concept i

Level 7 is conceived as a luxury “4 Generation” family dining and entertainment destination. The project includes two luxury family restaurants offering Provincial Chinese Cuisine and Authentic American Cuisine and a state of the art Children’s Play Zone. The Children’s Play Zone is designed to offer state of the art physical, virtual and sensory Play and Learn activities for 4 to 12 year olds.

Valley @ 7 was conceived as a wholistic and innovative “customer journey” dedicated to healthy food and developmental play for families. The experience begins as you enter a meandering gorge like passage punctuated with a 7m long, floor to ceiling aquarium. It is so large, that feeding times include a scuba diver on show swimming with the fish, accessed through the ceiling hatch above.

Within Valley @7 there are 4 main zones: The Flow (Entrance Passage) In The Flow you are pulled deep into the Valley, mesmerized by the coral spectrums and living energy of the aquarium. In this passage, you are flowing away from your day-to-day life. Soft forms,
sounds, sights, textures, smells, and touches begin to inspire a sense of relaxation and escape.

Trio (Chinese Provincial Restaurant)
Chinese cuisine is the heart to bring all generations of family together to enjoy casual, yet top quality food experiences. Guests are welcomed by a Culinary Host, introducing the 8 main tastes and geographies of “Provincial” Chinese Cuisine”.

The Rock (International Health Dining)
The restaurant is organic and “green” embodying a sense of natural inspiration, immersing you in the delicious tastes of herbs, fresh produce, and farm to table experiences. The menu celebrates global cultures of organic cooking.

Magic Valley (Immersive Play Zone)
This fantasy valley space is slightly darkened giving children a magical and immersive play experience where technology combines with physical movement to develop skills and creativity. The attractions comprise a wide range of specialist equipment including cooking school facilities, interactive and immersive play technology and active play equipment.

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