2022 GFD 馃弳 Awards

Silver Winner | Longfor 路 TOD LINK Sales Center, Jinan | CLV.DESIGN

The project is a property sales center located in the core of Jinan City. With 鈥渢ime鈥 as  clue, the project attempts to explore the city鈥檚 core from different time and space dimensions. The design team extracted design elements from “the core of city”, and integrated and reshaped them in the space. Like a watch, once the space is 鈥渨ound鈥, it will start operating to convergence people and culture.

Global Future Design Awards 2023: Entries Open! 

Silver 馃弳 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2022

Longfor 路 TOD LINK Sales Center, Jinan
Commercial Interior (Built)


Wang Shaoqing

Design Team
Zhang Nan, Gao Feng, Dai Chao

Jinan, China



Inspired by Patek Philippe, the designers compared the city鈥檚 operation to a sophisticated watch dial. The team took circles as core design element, and meanwhile adopted layers of curves with the golden ratio to convey the 鈥渃onvergence鈥 function of the project. As the sales center of a transit-oriented development (TOD), the project is intended to show that TOD not only functions as a transportation hub but also acts as a bond between culture and people in the community.

The circular ceiling above property models reveals a sense of movement and dynamism, with its metal edges echoing watch springs. The round form creates a charming visual effect through its simplicity, unity and wholeness, and also symbolizes a dual character of movement and stillness.

The coiled curves convey unity, poetry and fullness. Besides, those circles also guide the sight line, and endow the space with a sense of tension and visual attraction through mechanical textures and layered shapes.

Ancient Chinese philosophy holds that the moon nourishes mountains and rivers with its light. Exactly like the moon as well as an elegant watch dial decorated with a starry sky, the round forms in the space express a sense of convergence.

The eccentric design on the ceiling inherits Patek Philippe鈥檚 precise techniques and pursuit for high quality. The space features the fusion between mechanics and design aesthetics, fluid curves and regular geometrical shapes, and creates an aesthetic visual effects based on the golden ratio.

The design team created a poetic spatial atmosphere with rationality, as well as a spatial scene full of tension. The diversity of material textures enriches the overall space.