2022 GFD 🏆 Awards

Bronze Winner | Fenglin Jiuxi Marketing Center | Bluemoon

The project is located in the east of Yingbin Avenue, adjacent to Bahe River, near Olympic Sports Center, sports center station, road access, rail transit planning, and future key development area. It’s only 30 minutes from the city center. This project is one-stop diversified shopping, entertainment, trendy and fashionable check-in locations, which is of cultural and ecological leisure. It is a high-quality urban commercial complex.

Global Future Design Awards 2023: Entries Open! 

Bronze 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2022

Fenglin Jiuxi Marketing Center
Commercial Architecture (Built)


Kelly Lin

Design Team



©Ao Xiang

Xi’an is a representative place full of humanities and culture. The ancient capital of Xi’an, Chang’an, was founded more than 5600 years ago and the capital was established in 1077. The project must express a design that conforms to the spirit of the city. Xi’an is the starting point of the Silk Road. Silk threads are extracted and run through the entire space. Weaving an artistic dream.

Extracting the slices of life in Xi’an for deconstruction, the high slopes of loess are the background color of the land, mixed in the details of today’s life. The abstracted red copper background accentuates the sound of the bell, and the hairspring is connected with the memory of the entire City.

The project is located in the center of the business district. It interprets the commercial atmosphere of the city’s “interactive grid”. The soft decoration introduces unique designs with humanistic, artistic and natural elements to build a connection between the past and the present, man and nature, and open urban life and art, energetic, natural experience extends infinitely.

The memory of the elements is highly abstracted through the way of listing, creating dreamlike emotional fragments, rushing toward each other during the journey, and the intense spatial experience creates an eye-catching commercial center.

In the 5600 years since Xi’an was founded, how to deal with the history and the future, and how to rebuild it is the design focus. By creating new and old contrasts, creating different spatial experiences; using metal, glass and diamond cutting to form a halo reflecting on the surface of the material to achieve a transforming effect.

The classic traditional elements always become the abstract symbols of the local. “We break the classic symbols of Xi’an by deconstructing the order to express lively personality and infinite creativity.” said the designers. By thinking out of the box, the designers abstract warm lines from strong elements, creating specific humanistic design, enabling multiple forms integrate with the local spirits.

Having years experience of humanistic design, the designers retrospect the memory of the city and integrate it with modern culture. In this project, the designers combine the specific life scene with traditional culture, delivering a new type of aesthetic with personality and humanity. Rather than a methodology, the designers hold an opinion that destruction is a metaphor of irregular art.

In this project, the designers still present the avant-garde spirit with modern destructive ways. By combining the distinctive thoughts of different times, analyzing historical culture, deconstructing future scene, the designers realize the harmonious between three-dimensional structure and imagination.