2022 GFD 🏆 Awards


Shenzhen is bright, known as the “green light”, Xinpitou River is one of the beautiful scenery and Loucun Wetland is just like a pearl on the river. She is like a bard, beautiful and full of affection. Half of the landscape and half of the city, green on both sides of the river and clear water.

Global Future Design Awards 2023: Entries Open! 

Silver 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2022

Loucun Wetland Park
Landscape Design (Built)


Ma Li, Shen Zhenzhong, Yang Lili, Yang Long, Zhao Jiu

Design Team
Lao Shuling, Cai Xiaoxu, Tan Yunjing, Sun Ni, Cheng Lihao, Fan Haihui, Ren Siguang

Guangming District, Shenzhen



However, since 2008, the city has entered the rapid development process of transformation and construction. The soil erosion is serious, the water treatment function is lagging, and industrial wastewater and domestic sewage have taken the opportunity to enter, and she “falls ill” with dark spots. Due to poor maintenance of the park before the renovation, the water body was black and smelly, mosquitoes and flies raged, undercurrent wetland plants were overgrown, roads were damaged, outdated facilities, poor landscape effects, deep and remote, no one cares, and the park was basically in a state of desertion.

The design is from the small to the big, from the park upgrade to the small watershed ecological restoration, a trinity design is carried out combining ecological water conservancy, sponge city and landscape. I told a story about water: dripping water ripples into a rhythmic movement.


From the perspective of water environment management, the design continues the function of the site as a district’s rain and flood regulation and storage, integrates the water purification process into the park landscape art, and creates an artificial wetland park that integrates recreation and water science education for the citizens. We hope to combine ecological technology and landscape art to bring citizens closer to a literary and artistic water purification journey. This is also in response to the ecologically bright, happy and bright area positioning.

From the off-ramp of Longda Expressway to viewing from the perspective of all-round vehicles, the overall atmosphere needs to be transparent, like the landscape of the earth.

Entering the park, from the perspective of citizens’ recreation and visits, the streamline design should consider the comfortable accessibility of citizens’ tours, and the design should take into account the needs of openness and care for details.

The main consideration in the design is the technological process of water ecological treatment, from the purification of the biochemical sedimentation tank through the undercurrent wetland to the creation of natural streams. Finally, the clear water enters the river. We hope to show this beautiful process to the citizens. You can experience the rocky beaches and streams created by simulating nature.

The project implements the six-character motto of “seepage, stagnation, storage, purification, use, and drainage” of the sponge city design, and adopts “rainwater garden + grass ditch + permeable paving + green roof + ecological parking lot + dry stream + storage pond” A variety of sponge facilities have been built into a “sponge park” of “natural preservation, natural penetration, and natural purification”. It also provides a good leisure place and a popular science education base for surrounding residents, forming a beautiful green people’s livelihood.

At the same time, the project is also used as a pilot project for early rain regulation and treatment in Guangming District. It uses “three water separation, decentralized regulation and storage, treatment and reuse” as the technical route, while improving the water environment of the basin, and creating a “water control science education base” for citizens. , It also provides practice for exploring the new mode of first rain treatment.

In terms of landscape improvement, we have set up themed landscapes such as hydrophilic water banks, wooden planks, steel trestle bridges, and sunny lawns, which not only showcase the image characteristics of natural wetland landscapes, but also meet the requirements of tourists for a hydrophilic experience. The renovation project of the park puts great efforts on the word “exquisite”, through intricate carvings and stepping to create a landscape, to create a watery garden with tranquility in the noisy and winding paths.