2022 GFD 🏆 Awards

Silver Winner | Moli · Puyu | Jingle Design

Moli·Puyu, the sixth Boutique Cantonese restaurant owned by Moli. The inspiration of the designers started from the target positioning of the space’s feature. Based on the traditional Chinese culture, the designers create unique classic scenes with classic oriental culture. “The classic Chinese elements are popular and fashionable, we intend to reappear the traditional culture with modern style, enabling the guests to enjoy themselves in this space.” said the designers.

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Silver 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2022

Moli · Puyu
Commercial and Restaurant Interior (Built)

Jingle Design

Zhou Bo, Cai Yuyang

Design Team
Zhou Bo, Cai Yuyang

Shenyang, China



Following appropriate manner, drinking and laughing become suitable at gathering. The manner in ancient time means tender affection of host to guests, rather than rigid dogmatic rules. At the entrance of the restaurant, the designers continue the persistent grace to the winding routine, which reshaped the classic style.

As partition between exterior and interior, winding path at the entrance demonstrates the privacy of mansion and alley.

Go beyond the trend with different style and design, the designers accentuate the unique in this project. Dark red wall presents the splendor and luxury of the space, enabling guests indulging in their gathering with relax mood. “We empower distinctive design to each project with unique features, leaving guests impressive memory while following commercial procedures.” said the designers.

Each area is equipped with different items. The traditional Chinese culture and vintage empower new meaning to culture and art. Reserved and luxurious oriental aesthetic fills the inner hall.

Ancient rattan, clear crystal, scattered light shadow and dark green elements form a feast connecting the past and present. The clear crystal, colored glaze, pure jade and other materials demonstrate the reserved and eternal poetic atmosphere.

The complex layout of the inner hall can create multiple visual experience through light shadow. Therefore, the guests can enjoy their time within suitable social distance. While ensuring experience, the restaurant is full of reserved and rich oriental aesthetic.

The design of single dining room follows the elegant and grace traditional Chinese culture. Every space is of different design. Besides the garden, there is a pavilion-like private space with distinctive design. The transparent glass allows guests appreciate the landscape, invoking guests’ emotion in the space. Therefore, guests can deeply immerse themselves in the tranquil and quiet space.

Elegant and humane room demonstrates gorgeous and splendid sense, providing private space for guests. Guests can enjoy their personal time, tasting dainty food while appreciating the landscape through the window.