2022 GFD 🏆 Awards

Silver Winner | OVVA | MAYER HASBANI

OVVA conceptualized by MAKER HASBANI and developed by MILK LIFE INVESTMENTS, it’s the vision of n atio nal and internat ion al talent that dreams on a sustain able fut ure that en riches the life of their comm unity. Th us, they devised a project that integrates two residential towers and o n office tower in a large master plan that is surrounded  by  a  m onumental elevated  garden  that conn ects  people  with  harm onie  services  and  amen it ies.  I t  emerg es   in   one   of   the   m ost cosm opolitan areas of Tiju ana: Zona R io; an urban ecosystem that stand out for its dyn am ism. A unique place, where corporate life and entertainment mix org ani cally thanks in the commercial

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Silver 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2022

Mixed-Use Architecture (Under Construction)

Mayer Hasbani

Mayer Hasbani

Design Team
Alfredo Lagunas, Paola Lopez, Marcela Rocha, Juliana Caicedo & Brenda Ceja

Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico



Ieis ure and entertainment offer also present in the area. Th m on umental towers that b eco me an urban land mark, inspired by the nat ural and org an ie c urvat ure that exalt the endemic ecosystem of the northwest, to t urn them into a harmonic  seq uence  of  architect ural  mo ments  where exterior and interior are nourished by ne utral m aterials and  nat ural lig hting. The  amenities  fill with life and awaken emot ions, its design evokes the senses causing a healthy and pleasant life, becoming the origin of  end less  stories.  The  Club  House  is  the  heart  of  the  project,  with  its org an ie path it is the beginning of wonderful experiences and unique amenities  that  accompany and embrace its comm unity. R esidences designed for contemporary inhab it ants, d ivided into two towers of 23 and 20 levels. Warm and fine finishes that en h ance nat ural m at erials and abundant light ing, will b e the setting for great stories. Works paces with a menit ies and  servi ces  that provide a p erfect environment to evolve and grow, within one of  the m ost  dynam ie business  areas in the city. OVVA is the ideal place to live and t ranscend. An environment that blurs the sensory li mit between the  city and n at ure to provide  its people with comfort,  harm ony, safety,  and well-b eing. I t is here where the m ost exeit ing stories are written, the stories  of  a contemporary comm unity that evolves with it environment, in a hab it at of life and p ossi b ilit ies.