2023 GFD 馃弳 Awards

Silver Winner – Poly路Heyue Huajin Sales Department | YOU JOIN STUDIO

The project is named “Poly Heyuehuajin Sales Department in Taiyuan, Shanxi”. Inspired by the theme of “Cloud Sea, Starry Sky”, it seamlessly blends elements of the blue sky, white clouds, and twinkling stars into its design. Under the concept of “shaping form from nature and creating meaning through space”, the designer uses streamlined techniques and elegant, warm materials to create a pure and soft space that abstractly and artistically captures the wispy clouds and sparkling stars. The simple and bright color scheme adds to the modern aesthetic power of the space, creating a high-quality environment that inspires feelings of relaxation and contemplation. In addition to the aesthetic elements of the design, the designer has also incorporated dynamic and graceful artistic elements to add movement and energy to the space. Soft lighting and graceful shadows enhance the atmosphere, eliminating any cold or hard feelings and creating an extraordinary spatial atmosphere. From the inside out, the Poly Heyuehuajin Sales Department showcases the values of “living in harmony with nature, looking up at the expansive blue sky, and aspiring to soar above the clouds.” With seating areas that allow visitors to take in the stunning outdoor scenery, this project encourages emotional resonance with the space and awakens a desire for a poetic, meaningful life. As you move through this space, you will be filled with a sense of peace and wonder, surrounded by the beauty of the cloud sea and starry sky.

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Silver 馃弳 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2023

Poly路Heyue Huajin Sales Department
Corporate Interior (Built)



Design Team
Yan Chen, Fuxin Liu, Chujun Xu, Yi Zhang, Xuanli Li, Xiaowen Ouyang, Shuyun Liang

Project Location
Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province, China



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