2022 IID 🏆 Awards

Silver Winner – Shanghai Lunar Investment Management Company Office by TJ DESIGN STUDIO

In 2021, Yunyue capital officially settled in Shanghai yingkaichuang square together with the third venue of UCCA Ullens Contemporary Art Center in China. With its unique architectural design, yingkaichuang square has become a new urban cultural landmark of Shanghai Jing’an. With three-dimensional sculpture like architectural outline and open space design, it has linked the riverside area to create a new urban reception hall. TJ design is lucky to provide an innovative design for cloud month investment, which can represent both their past and their future. The core of their culture is to carry out digital transformation through cultural innovation and fully commit themselves to the popularization of aesthetic economy in China. We also hope that we can have a new dialogue and communication with such enterprises through design.

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Silver 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2022

Shanghai Lunar Investment Management Company Office
Office Building Interior Built


Chao Wang

Design Team
Chao Wang, Jason Miao

F, No. 88, Xizang North Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai


©Changle Wu

Different from the traditional office space, the entrance is set with no front hall and no entertainment. Subtraction in the space can make the whole office space more complete Entering the main space, the French window on one side gives the whole space a panoramic view of Jing’an old city culture and Suhe Bay. The space uses minimalist colors and retains the beauty of space scale. Combined with the artistic and cultural characteristics of UCCA, designers hope to reproduce the texture and overlap of culture and art. The lounge space provides movable chairs and coffee tables for leisure meetings. The ceiling provides comfortable ambient light. The wooden surfaces of walls and furniture, coupled with dark carpets, present a casual business atmosphere. Seven meeting spaces, adjacent to the office area, can accommodate meetings of all sizes. The design of the lighting sky film of the large conference room makes the color temperature of the space softer, and the large glass on one side makes the space brighter under the sunshine.