2022 GFD 🏆 Awards

Silver Winner | Sustainable Nursery, Primary, Secondary School Complex | John A Simonetti Architect LLC

The design is based on patterns in nature, and Mali African vernacular Architecture.

The School complex is made up of four main structures, an Administration entrance gateway center, a Nursery / Primary school, a Canteen multipurpose pavilion, and a Secondary Education structure. All connected by a covered walkway with the playgrounds in the center.

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Silver 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2022

Sustainable Nursery, Primary, Secondary School Complex
Educational Architecture (Concept)

John A Simonetti Architect LLC

John A Simonetti

Design Team
John A Simonetti

Bamakom, Mali Africa

United States

©John A Simonetti

The Administration entry gateway is designed to resemble the Mali national instrument, the Kora, with the intention of inspiring the students to develop an interest in music.

The Primary / Nursery, and Secondary education structures are designed to resemble the growth patters of a Baobab Tree. With a central core, the Multi Media library, which will be two stories, with an upper mezzanine level. Surrounding classrooms will radiate out like petals on an African lily.

The Canteen/ Multipurpose Space is a separate pavilion that was designed to resemble a concentric African lily.  The roof structure will have a light filter that resembles a Baobab tree in a concentric spiral.

The structures will be made up of a wood superstructure with roofs made of corrugated metal supported by wood beams and trusses.  

The exterior walls will be made or mud bricks that will be stained different colors. Some of the lower walls will be made available for the community to provide with new mud every season, not unlike the Great Mosque of Djenné mudding event.

Parking will be in the street, shaded by cable structured canopies.

An Orchard will be planted near the Canteen to provide fresh fruit for the students and administration.