2021 IID 🏆 Awards

Silver Winner | TianFeng Cloud Mansion | ZEAL.DESIGN STUDIO

Tianfeng cloud mansion is located in the 21st floor of the 500 ㎡ large business club project, with Luoyang Kaiyuan Lake “Asia’s largest music fountain” Super Landscape.

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Silver Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2021

TianFeng Cloud Mansion
Commercial Interior Built


Chengyi Chen

Design Team
Chengyi Chen



©Jess Chen, Jessie Shen

In the original structure, there are many weighing structures, and the owners have a high demand for the experience of the transparent space and the view. Therefore, at the beginning of the design, they wanted to open the public area as much as possible, in the use of weight between the column Borrow Scene, perspective approach to achieve the maximization of spatial vision and experience.

On the basis of meeting the functional requirements, the design of embodying Chinese flavor and blending into modern or even future sense is the core of the design of this project. In this zen-like Chinese space, there are many traditional forms of Chinese integration:

  1. The curved wall used in the space is the dismantling application of Chinese landscape form.
  2. The form of metal bar embedded in the wall is an innovative application of Chinese traditional fashion.
  3. Restaurant original round hole screen, is the modern application of Chinese Garden Perspective Technique;
  4. The Living Room Area Original large-scale Sunken arc-shaped Sofa, is the Chinese traditional porcelain edge shape extension;
  5. In the space jump color uses the dark green, is the Chinese style bamboo, the natural green ore, the Chinese Green Tile, the lake water current color extraction;
  6. In this space, the Tai Lake Stone forms are reborn with the artistic treatment of the punched copper plate and the concave and convex shape. It is semi-transparent and has a sense of original strength, which is shocking.

Zen is boundless,

beauty is in the mood,

more in the mood,

the design of Tianfeng cloud mansion project is intended to,

with the wisdom of the ancients,

explain the heart of the modern people,

with modern materials and design techniques will be the soul of the national style,

in the space,

the oriental meaning rhyme not only keeps the tradition but also presents the ultimate meaning,

but also points to the future and freedom,

 mountain stone, Zen tea, green tile, Polygonatum odoratum, landscape, porcelain, precious stones, ink and wash, …

The traditional elements of the shape and color,

 deconstruction, reconstruction, reproduction, rebirth…

Abundant, cultural value, back-feeding, commercial potential,

 is the “Cloud Mansion” of the collection of poetry.

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