2023 GFD 🏆 Awards

Silver Winner – Trees Villa, Beijing | GREENTOWN CHINA HOLDINGS LIMITED

Trees Villa in Beijing, based on the favorable resources of three mountains and five gardens in the western suburb of Beijing, is positioned as an upscale residential development with features of imperial architecture and Northern China culture. The highlight and difficulty of the master planning is how to combine the sense of ritual of Northern China with the delightful, poetic ambience typical to the Jiangnan Region. Starting from the periphery of the site, a spatial sequence in line with traditional Chinese etiquette is created, which is majestic and layer by layer. After passing through the community centre, which is a transition node of the homecoming route, a zig-zag garden emerges with a neat but free layout.

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Silver 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2023

Trees Villa, Beijing
Residential Architecture (Under Construction)


Lu Hao, Xu Qi, Yan Yulin, Lu Baosheng, Huang Lida, Wu Guili, Shen Qiang, Wu Haiqing, Sun Qi, Li Yongxi, Pan Xiaolei, Chen Weiyi, Zhang Linjuan, Xu Jia, Dai Jiaxi

Design Team
Project General Manager: Lu Jianqiang; Design team members: Zhao Yang, Wang Dan, Ruan Jie; Engineering team members: Li Kunping, Wang Yinbin

Project Location
Liuniangfu, Shijingshan District, Beijing, China


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The elevation difference of the site is fully utilized to build bright basements with ample natural light. A 100-year-old tree is well-preserved, and a sunken courtyard is built around it, which provides a gathering and activity venue for the residents. Together with the residential buildings, it has become a highly recognizable feature of the community. The facade design is based on in-depth study on the characteristics of imperial architecture in Northern China, aiming to develop a new property series of Greentown that echoes with local context. In line with traditional Chinese aesthetics, the project creates a unique facade image, which is horizontally stretched and magnificent. The carefully selected materials and strictly supervised construction process ensure the quality execution of the project.