2023 IID 🏆 Awards

Silver Winner | UKAI-tei Kaohsiung | YUIMOM Group

Ukai Grill and Ukai Kaiseki on third floor and Ukai-tei Teppanyaki on second floor complete the whole look of the Ukai-tei Kaohsiung restaurant at Silks Club, which is designed by renowned interior designer Hashimoto Yukio, three-time winner of the JCD Design Award (Japan), well- recognized throughout Asia.

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Silver 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2023

UKAI-tei Kaohsiung
Restaurant Interior Built


Hashimoto Yukio

Design Team
Hashimoto Yukio Design Studio Inc.

Kaohsiung, Taiwan



Inspired by the Japanese ‘Yūgen’ aesthetic of restrained mystery, the ambience of Ukai-tei Kaohsiung captures the impression of the misty mountains found in Chinese landscape painting, echoed by the elegant ceiling light visible as you ascend the spiral staircase and the sophisticated black and white mosaic tiles, promising a feast for the eyes and the mouth. Ukai Grill seats 50 people and has three separate dining rooms, while at Ukai-tei Teppanyaki a maximum of 18 people can sit in an arc around the teppanyaki grill watching dedicated chefs cook in front of the guests, in addition to three other rooms. The sophisticated skills of Ukai-tei’s chefs are combined with Taiwan’s local ingredients to offer new culinary delights.