2022 GFD 🏆 Awards

Silver Winner | Vaask | Vaask

Introducing Vaask, the permanent hand sanitizing dispenser that is the superior solution for hand hygiene. Vaask’s elegant design invites users as well as complements the most sophisticated spaces. The hand hygiene system helps keep customers and staff healthier and demonstrates a facility’s commitment to cleanliness.

Global Future Design Awards 2023: Entries Open! 

Silver 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2022

Product Design (Built)


Vaask Founder Jon Olsen

Design Team
Vaask Founder Jon Olsen

Austin, Texas

United States

©Photos courtesy Vaask

The pandemic exposed the design failure of traditional hand sanitizer options — always-empty automatic dispensers, inaccurate sensors that create constant messes and drips, and foul-smelling gels that dry out hands. Providing permanent, dependable, high-capacity dispensers is crucial to improving hand hygiene and reducing the spread of germs, as hand sanitizer is an easy, effective and inexpensive solution.

Vaask elevates the hand sanitizer experience from tired to inspired with these premium features and benefits: 

  • Premium finishes: Available in custom powder coating, plated metal or custom finish options.
  • Precise dispensing: Features a PalmPilot® hand sensor that improves hand detection.
  • Simple visual alerts: An array of easily customizable, multi-colored LEDs catch the eye, drawing in users. They also alert maintenance personnel when it’s time to refill.
  • Large capacity: The hand sanitizer tank holds twice the sanitizer of typical dispensers and uses a wide-mouth opening to ensure no spills when refilling.
  • Low maintenance: Pumping system ensures no leaks or contamination. The unit is hard-wired to AC power, requiring no batteries.
  • Built to last: Designed, manufactured and assembled in the United States, the product is made of cast aluminum and steel.

At the core of Vaask’s design is a belief that a product should be repairable and waste-free. Built to last and environmentally friendly, each Vaask hand sanitizer system comes with a five-year warranty on all components. To that end, all parts are accessible and designed to be repairable to extend the system’s life perpetually. Each high-capacity cartridge is also recyclable and can be easily refilled or swapped. Vaask’s herbal formulations use no harsh chemicals, and the system also accepts other quality gel sanitizers as it’s designed to adapt to the viscosity of any sanitizer.