2022 GFD 🏆 Awards

Silver Winner | Yuehai Yigui Fu Apartment Lagre Model House | Bluemoon

In the kingdom of art and fashion, change life into a modern show with colorful clothes and various personalities. Envisioning from the scene, the designers introduce distinctive stories into the space. Breaking traditional rules from style, color and interests, the designers change the space into one of distinctive and fashionable styles.

Global Future Design Awards 2023: Entries Open! 

Silver 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2022

Residential Architecture


Kelly Lin

Design Team



©Ao Xiang

“It can be regarded as the establishment of artistic and art form, and the dialogue and resonance between the space and modern elites. On the basis of art and life circle, we endeavor to create an avant-garde and stylish design. Fortunately, we change this space into one of free spirits with the interpretation of residents, presenting various lifestyles in this project.” said the designers.

Dark green, classic black and bronze metal constitute the classic and suitable color style for the restaurant, infusing detailed and exquisite elements into the space. In this project, there are strong modernism and colorful artistic aroma, evoking the daily sense of ritual. Study room, a place for self-examination and learning culture and thoughts. The key point of the design lies in demonstrating a free spiritual realm while breaking the limitation of space.

The artistic philosophy of the designers lies in the destruction of fashion and description of attitude. The clear and luxurious crystals, well-polished bronze decorations and vase with classic pattern are symbols of artistic and spiritual resonance, empowering different interpretation of lifestyles.

From the perspective of designers, the utensils should be a profound channel for art. The style and display of the space accumulate the practical and specific scene of life. White porcelain tea set, turtles and green plant bonsai connect the lively space and introduce unexpected scenes to the space.

In this project, the designers regard the space as a show stage of personal spirits and attitude, where is full of modern charm and spatial aesthetics. With avant-garde ideals and unique style, the designers give a new interpretation for aesthetic and integrate them into the daily life of residents, demonstrating colorful and wonderful feast of life.