2020 GFD 🏆 Awards

Special Mention: Bird House With a Rotating Wall by LoHA-Laboratory of Hiroshi Yamada Architect

Although human beings and birds are completely different in appearance, there are many common parts. Birds, like humans, are said to have communication skills, rich emotions, experience space and surrounding environment, and have their own aesthetics. In other words, birds, like humans, have their own comfort. From this, this project was started based on a hypothetical experiment that paradoxically it might reach the comfort of people when exploring the comfort of birds. The place is the plain area of Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture.

Special Mention- Global Future Design Awards 2020
Firm | LoHA-Laboratory of Hiroshi Yamada Architect
Architect/Designer | fHiroshi Yamada 
Category | Product Design Built
Team | Hiroshi Yamada
Country | Japan
Photographer/Copyright | ©Hiroshi Yamada

©Hiroshi Yamada

Sakai City has a natural environment of the sea, mountains, rivers and plains It is a very rich area and many birds live there. In such places, explore the possibility of housing acceptable to birds. It is a project that is close to the essence of what the ultimate house for birds is. In order to be accepted by the birds, it will have to be responsive and responsive to environmental changes. Otherwise, the birds will soon jump to a more comfortable place. For birds, seek a house that is both calm and fun. Although there are a variety of “birdhouses”, the aviary is for helping to build the bird’s nest, and it is generally not used other than nesting. Isn’t it possible for a bird’s house to be used constantly throughout the year? What can we do to be a ‘house’ in a comfortable environment for birds? In order to break down the established concept of such a “birdhouse”, consider “a house of birds”. The house of birds that is always used is a house that combines the privacy of nesting and the public nature of birds interacting with each other. In addition, I think that I can design the fun of manufacturing, the warmth of trees, and the connection between people and nature by producing “houses of birds” by myself. So I thought about the house of a rotating bird with a wall. What happens if it is used as a partition by rotating a door like a wall? The rotating wall will pop out of the house and demand a connection with the outside world. When the wall is closed, it is used as a bird’s nest weight, and after the nest weight is finished, the wall is turned like a partition by creating a vague space like the inside, the outside, etc. , It will be a place like a bird’s cafe, in which each bird finds their favorite place and interacts. The rotating wall responds quickly to bird comfort. It is possible to live a sharp life against the nature of closing when closing and opening when opening. The resulting bird house will be a hybrid hybrid of private and public that will be used year-round and will have a restful enjoyment for the birds.