2020 GFD 🏆 Awards

Special Mention: C.P. Rosario Pereda Viana de Cega (Valladolid) by Eduardo Miguel González Fraile

The program is within the framework, strict and conditioned, of a plot that must release the land adjacent to the train tracks. The pieces are organized around a double-height central space for greater packaging and spatial richness. The project investigates the volumetry resulting from assuming alignments and guidelines always oblique with each other, which cause illusory perceptions of size, distance, height and scale. It is possible that a difficult and residual plot implants outdoor and interior spaces that shock, because the usual relationship of sensations is reinforced: a lot of light in spaces almost without gaps and very fast travel over seemingly long distances.

To innovate the possibilities of a plot, whose location and geometry are committed to the logic of the program, is mandatory when the Ministry of Education must take advantage of another adjoining school building. It shows that creation can support functionality.

Special Mention- Global Future Design Awards 2020
Firm | Eduardo Miguel González Fraile
Architect/Designer | Eduardo Miguel González Fraile

Category | Educational Built
Team | Eduardo Miguel González Fraile
Country | Spain
Photographer/Copyright | ©Eduardo Miguel González Fraile

The plot rationalizes the distribution in three blocks: one of open courtyard that looks towards the outskirts of the town and towards the railway, having the horizon as a reflection of the plot boundary itself; another, the building is located on the side of the town, represents the urban, the building and closes party wall of the adjoining plot while exposing its facade to the main street; the third block is a discreet gym or covered playground, whose height reaches the scale of a public space, not monumental, since it is related to the proportions of the arcade elements of representative architectures.

At the top of the panel you can see, on the right, the urban facade, serious, balanced and forceful, with tension towards the doors of the courtyard, which manifest its opening in their own morphology, escaping (tilting) the horizontal little bars themselves that pretend to converge in the distance. On the contrary, the facade towards the courtyard shows permeability and also mobility, not only with the scale of the gym pavilion, but above all because of the large glass that translates the space of interior double height. To the left of the window advances a volume of similar dimensions that makes the effect of large sliding door, achieving a unique building size according to the porch of the covered playground. The canopy of the entrance, light and nautical contrasts with the blind wall, as a counterpoint, dragging a main facade note on the sunshade of the hollow run on the upper floor

Moreover, the gym-playground is integrated into the building by a walkway and corridor accessible from the general staircase. This project has a program and support of very demanded land, but has the virtue of having composed in very few material pieces a huge number of architectural contents, in the awareness that the enrichment of education and culture, begins with the good quality of the architecture of the building itself where it is taught.