2020 GFD 🏆 Awards

Special Mention: Fate Brewing Co. by ALINE Architecture Concepts

Fate is part of an overall development, called the Center. We were given the amazing opportunity to give this mid-century architectural gem a new life and street presence by introducing the restaurant and updated modern offices. Our goal in every adaptive reuse is to repurpose and celebrate the existing architecture while bringing our craft to new materials and modern details to make the building current. The quiet, understated shopping center had lost visibility and relevance in the current office market and needed a spark. 

Special Mention- Global Future Design Awards 2020
Firm | ALINE Architecture Concepts
Architect/Designer | Brian Laubenthal

Category | Hospitality Built
Team | Brian Laubenthal, Brian Krob, Jeff Graham, Heidi Grimwood, Dorota Grodzinska
Country | United States
Photographer/Copyright | ©Nick Laessig Photography

©Nick Laessig Photography

The “U” shaped collection of two-story buildings flanked a mechanical yard that was impeding the most unique feature of the structure: it’s courtyard.  The simple pitched roof structure had classic mid-century lines and restrained potential.  Once the courtyard was cleared, the low ceilings removed, it revealed some fantastic spatial opportunities, namely a new brewery restaurant.  By activating the courtyard with shade structures, built in seating, and turf play areas, the core of the center had been brought to life.  The bones of the structure remained, but the finishes enhanced using metal roofing, concrete panel rain screens, and new window walls that extended from slab to roof with operable elements.  The landscape was also enhanced, celebrating the existing mature trees and introducing a new warm feel to the campus. Inside we kept the building materials exposed, used burlap with insulation as an acoustical treatment, removed portion of the second level to make a vaulted entry and bar space while creating a mezzanine bar and dining room above.