2020 GFD 🏆 Awards

Special Mention: Hengyang Rsun Plaza by LB Design

The project not only bears the consumer attributes of shopping malls, but more importantly, it is committed to updating the ecology of urban communities, creating new benchmarks for future commercial complexes, and becoming urban landmark business cards.

Special Mention- Global Future Design Awards 2020
Firm | LB Design
Architect/Designer | Ben Ling

Category | Commercial Concept
Team | Ben Ling , Yu Liu
Country | China
Photographer/Copyright | ©LB Design

©LB Design

Features & Difficulties

In architectural design, the problem we need to solve is how to create an architectural appearance with strong manifestation and rich modern urban quality life style on an ordinary architectural framework to lead the quality consumption trend of the city. The inspiration for the design comes from the beautiful jade wrapped in rough stones. In the rough rough stone skin, crystal clear gems are ready to come out, just like the old industrial city of Hengyang, the never-ending life show of Rsun Plaza.

At the main entrance of the square facing the street, a large LED screen, such as the ring face, a dynamic picture combined with a static LOGO, has become a huge revealing guide. The combination of protruding geometric blocks and brand posters enhances the commercial value of the overall building in an artistic way. The moving line integrates external traffic, arranges the flow of people and vehicles in the most concise manner, and uses intelligent management such as parking guidance, parking positioning and reverse car search to achieve an efficient, orderly and user-friendly parking experience.


Starting from the geometric body of the crystal, the designer observes the growth form of the gemstone in the natural state and the eternal state formed after crystallization, extracts unique points, lines, and surfaces from it, reorganizes and reconstructs it, and finally displays the building The shape is like a transparent crystal, and the goods are refracted into people’s eyes from all angles, attracting people’s longing for beauty. The matte aluminum plate and glass have a strong contrast in physical properties and textures. The designer adds the contrast of bumps, movements, light and dark to make the simple facade rich in expression.


The indoor space is set up with three large squares and three atriums, subverting the traditional shopping mall combination mode, using the “dual Mall + amusement performing arts” full-time operation model and the unique consumption experience of the whole industry to create a beautiful life scene and reconstruct the urban life circle.