2020 GFD 🏆 Awards

Special Mention: Indigo Hotel Puzhehei by YANG & ASSOCIATES GROUP

Puzhehei, Yunan Province, once a barren land with only karst limestone rocks, was later known as a miracle realm due to the emergence of lakes and reproduction of life. For thousands of years, Yi people have been tightly bonding with nature and have composed numerous wonderful stories, which become the source of inspiration for YANG design team. In the design of Indigo Hotel Puzhehei, YANG continues the hotel brand’s identity-with touches of fashion and personality, and combines with local features, YANG reinterprets the idea of “neighbourhood culture” , adopting modern arts to tell the neighbourhood story of mutual respect and cherishing between people and nature, and people and animals in this land.

Special Mention- Global Future Design Awards 2020
Architect/Designer | Yang Bangsheng

Category | Hospitality Concept
Team | Yang Bangsheng,Chen bohua
Country | China
Photographer/Copyright | ©YANG & ASSOCIATES GROUP


The local magical karst landscape, karst caves, dense branch forests and other natural elements have been reconstructed by YANG in a concrete or abstract way to create a strong sense of authenticity. The distinctive water transportation tool willow boats, agricultural implements, the totem of tiger guarding the village and the statues of various animals which symbolize the national spirit have collided with ancient legends in the space, which also transmits the Yi people’s life philosophy of coexisting with all things in nature.

Trees dangles from the ceiling to the arrival of the lobby, which creates sense of mystery of dense forest, and inspires guests to explore. The local water transportation willow-shaped boats adopt rattan woven approach to form the reception desk area, which adds a touch of natural leisure. The inverted “bird’s nest” outline, and ornaments and colour in the all-day-dining restaurant creates the atmosphere of “sweet birds singing and fragrant flowers blooming”, and also relieves oppression due to low ceiling of original building. The artistic deconstruction and combination of national totem shapes and colors enables the guest room manifest the diversity and vitality of the people. The integration of various rattan woven fabrics and farm implements ornaments presents the primitive and simple life of this hidden paradise.