2020 GFD 馃弳 Awards

Special Mention: Suzhou C&D 路 LAKE MANSIO by C&D Real Estate Corporation Limited

The project is located on the northwest side of the intersection of Tiyu Road and Guiba Road in Taihu New Town, Wujiang District, Suzhou. The base extends to Guiba Road on the east, Tiyu Road on the south, and Gujiadang River on the north, and has green lands on the west. It enjoys complete surrounding facilities and convenient transportation. The plot is planned to be used for constructing multi-storey and high-rise residential buildings.

Special Mention- Global Future Design Awards 2020
Firm |C&D Real Estate Corporation Limited
Architect/Designer | Tong Hui

Category | Housing Concept
Design institutes:
Architectural design: Shanghai Dotint Architectural Design Co., Ltd.

Landscape design:Shenzhen Baiying Landscape Design
Design management team:
Architectural design: Tong Hui

Landscape design: Wang Chu
Interior design: Yang Yakun
Structural design: Ru Daizhe
Equipment: Chen Wenyong
Country | China
Photographer/Copyright | 漏C&D Real Estate Corporation Limited

漏C&D Real Estate Corporation Limited

The project covers an area of 87,813 銕 with a total floor area of 202,124 銕nd an above-ground  capacity building area of 152,798 銕. The plot ratio is 1.3.

The design of the plot is rooted in the local characteristics in terms of society, economy and natural environment. Following the principles of people-oriented and sustainable development, the design aims to create a residential area that belongs both to the era and the local people. With the planning logic of “one circular road and four landscape nodes”, the six-storey residential buildings are arranged to better enjoy attractive and pleasant views.

The single building adopts the Neo-Chinese style, combined with the characteristics of traditional Chinese architecture. Based on C&D鈥檚 Chinese design elements of “standard three courtyards, classic natural garden, Tang style and traditional Chinese pattern”, the design incorporates modern fashionable elements and redefines the Chinese aesthetic trend and Zen lifestyle in the modern context.

Land area: about 87,813 銕
Gross floor area: about 202,124 銕
Capacity building area: about 114,040 銕
Plot ratio: about 1.3
Building density: about 26%
Greening rate: about 30%