2020 GFD 🏆 Awards

Special Mention: THE OASIS STAR by Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute

The project is located in the industrial zone in Tainan. The property is orientated towards a 20 meter road and has to endure hot temperatures, noise, and air pollution. Excessive ambient interference is the main problem facing this architectural project. This project is the corporate headquarters of a cosmetic company. In addition to meeting the needs of internal administrative and financial departments, the owner hopes that guests will leave with a good memory of their visit to the company. The expectations of the future building are that it will differ considerably with the surrounding area and the associated structures.

Special Mention- Global Future Design Awards 2020
Firm | Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute
Architect/Designer | Keng-Fu Lo

Category | Office Building Concept
Team | Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute
Country | Taiwan
Photographer/Copyright | ©Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute

©Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute

We plan to create a green island in a prosperous environment. Typically industrial zones are symbols of the excessive use of metal but we hope to change this. We want this project to contrast in a natural way with the background. We will do this by creating a variety of barriers and impediments so that visitors and staff will have peace of mind. Walking along the extended path to enter the building, you will be treated to a calming view and relaxing sounds.

You could almost forget where you are and the noise and air pollution associated with the location. The large surface area of the landscape pool and the large amount of greening help reduce the influence of ambient temperature and filter some dust into the building. The concept of the building is based on minimalistic organic rectangular cuboids. The curved U-shaped glass facade enhances the contrast with the upper rectangular building creating that feeling of suspension and surrealism. The impact of the environment indirectly makes the vertical greening of the internal building space and the underground layer form a stable and interesting living space. The semi-transparent U-shaped glass facade enriches the atmosphere of the whole building.

Considering the sustainability of the environment, we placed fish on the landscape pool to filter the water. The project as a whole has been coated with breathable minimalistic paint that helps maintain the balance of humidity inside and outside the building. The outer corridor of the entrance, exit and the exterior decorations of the building are made of recycled aluminum metal to ensure the ease of replaceability for years to come. A large amount of greenery on the property helps minimize the carbon dioxide emissions from the use of the building.

We are looking forward to creating a stable, aesthetically pleasing and environmentally sustainable building space, responding to environmental pollution sources, echoing the standards of the owner’s industrial aesthetics, and achieving a beautiful living space to set a model for Taiwan’s industrial architecture.