2020 GFD 🏆 Awards

Special Mention: W Atlanta Midtown by Virserius Studio

Arthur is a fictional character and native Atlantan. Virserius Studio’s concept foris the recreation of Arthur’s estate and garden, decorated with his collection of art and other items obtained during his extensive world travels. He takes great pride in these collections and wants to share the stories behind these possessions. He also hopes they will make great conversational pieces, inspiring special moments among friends during their visit.

Special Mention- Global Future Design Awards 2020
Firm | Virserius Studio
Architect/Designer | Virserius Studio

Category | Hospitality Built
Team | Virserius Studio – Designers; Gonzalez Architects – Architects, Imaggo Production – Art Consultants
Country | United States
Photographer/Copyright | ©Michael Kleinberg

©Michael Kleinberg

From the moment guests arrive they are transported into Arthur’s unique world. They are embraced by the curved, abstract walls of the entry, created by brushed brass on dark woods complimented by a gem-toned custom-made carpet that also set the tone for what’s to come.

These gem tones continue in the lobby, which boasts ceilings 3 stories high. Virserius Studio created grand custom light pieces, cascading abstract birdcages representing those Arthur collected during his North African excursions. Among the other standouts are the bespoke furniture, flooring and art collection lining the walls, all of which were designed by V/S, as was the large-scale digital wallcovering extension of Arthur’s botanical garden. Also in the lobby are tiered terraces with amphitheater seating, which may cordoned off for private gatherings if desired.

Arthur’s library boasts letters of his life and travels to his friends. The room contains a collection of poetry, books and furniture, an exquisite carpet with calligraphy inscribed on it, as well as his beloved bird collection, all of which have deep personal meaning to him. Arthur’s den was inspired by the Middle Eastern folktale, One Thousand and One Nights, and represents his many travels to that region. The den includes ceiling art designed by Virserius Studio and commissioned to a local artist to hand paint it onto the ceiling.

For the bar and lounge, Virserius Studio created a larger space providing seamless transition from indoor to outdoor living, allowing guests multiple areas to socialize and wander about freely as guests would at Arthur’s estate and garden.  His global sensibility is on full display, curated with one-of-a-kind pieces throughout. The indoor and outdoor sections of the bar have different materials to mark a subtle change. The outdoor space also boasts a fireplace and sculptural pieces that encourage guests to enjoy for extended periods of time.


The guestrooms extend Arthur’s hospitality.  V/S reconfigured the spaces to be more open and to evoke softness and tranquility while providing punches of color. They also offer subtle nods to the Atlanta’s natural beauty, with trees that are native to Georgia. The idea for the suites was to treat visitors to a layered art experience with different graphics, sculptures and installations that tell stories and treat guests to the unexpected. For example, in the sleeping area, a mysterious woman appears on the wall – is she one of Arthur’s guests? A relative? A lover? The art also pays homage to Atlanta, particularly the midtown neighborhood, as the epicenter of music and entertainment.