2020 GFD 🏆 Awards

Special Mention: Xian Vanke Feng Xi Metropolis Plot 5 by L&P Architects

The project is an exploration of new commercial mode that combines retail, leisure, work and special experiences. Instead of monotonous life style, people are getting more and more keen to discover and take adventures. In order to fulfil this growing desire, Xi’an Vanke Metropolis offers a design focusing on experience. The shopping mall is themed in “Mountain Park in the City”. By bringing nature elements into the mall, the design offers a green wonderland for shopping in the modern society’s concrete city jungle. There are water falls surrounding sightseeing elevators, interactive staircases for kid’s play and other fun activities, outdoor roof gardens where people can relate themselves with nature.

Special Mention- Global Future Design Awards 2020
Firm | L&P Architects
Architect/Designer | Gang Li

Category | Commercial Concept
Team | Kris Ni, Zerong Lin, June Yu, David Ho, Yufei Lin, Huamei Lin , Shuo Huang
Country | Hong Kong
Photographer/Copyright | ©L&P Architects

©L&P Architects

The design utilizes the complex topography of the site and creates a multiple entry-level shopping experience. Façade-wise, the design is inspired by the concept of “open box”. Overall, the podium has a form that’s generated from a series of intersecting boxes. With a combination of stone and aluminium, these boxes sculpt a simple elegant image for the mall. Stone and aluminium form strips which illustrate a silk-like elegancy are in response to Xi’an being the start of the famous historical silk road. Decorated by a number of specially designed glass boxes, the façade becomes livelier and creates a human-friendly shopping atmosphere.