WADA 2019 Households

The Family Haven by LK&PROJEKT

This family house has been created to generate good vibes and keep familial spirits up. The main idea was to design building where all can spend time together and give some human touch to each other, but also to find some private space.

World Architecture & Design Awards 2019
Second Award | Category: Households
Architects: Leszek Kalandyk
Country: Poland
Website: www.lk-projekt.pl

             Every human needs the others as well as to be some time alone in order to live in harmony. And designers know it pretty well, so they planned much common space and seperate rooms.

The house’s main door leads through the hallway, where armoire, bureau and chair can be located. It allows to change clothes and footwear in comfort. Hallway is needed in Polish climate conditions as it saves warmth during cold days. The building consists of two storeys.

Ground floor living room is the heart of the project and main common place.
It is fully open to ground floor as well as to the second floor – living room is two storeys high. It’s because human spirit is high and rests better in high spaces. There is a closed fireplace here which swells domestic atmosphere. This family room leads to separate dining room. It is located next to the kitchen and fronts onto the patio. 
The terrace has its own extra external two-sided fireplace, which fulfil an utilitarian function in Polish moderate climate.

The kitchen is family oriented – there is much benchtop so they can cook together. This can really unite people. Moreover, kitchen island was planned. Full-lenght windows provide relief during cooking. The pantry is located next to the kitchen. It is very useful to design them close to each other, but this pantry has more adventages. It serves as food initial preparation room with two fridges and sink. Except mentioned rooms, the ground floor houses home office which can serve as a guest room, bathroom, boiler room and garden equipment repository as one space, and two-car garage. The boiler room is three-sided available, also from outside.

The stairs are very decorative. Entresol is the first place we find going upstairs and it fronts onto the roofed terrace. The family can have insights into the living room from here. Architects designed library and desk in the entresol space. Part for parents on the second floor is seperated from children’s part. Parents’ part consists of big master bedroom with own fireplace, bathroom and walk-in closet. The children’s part includes two seperate bedrooms and additional bathroom. There is also a laundry room upstairs, what’s a pretty useful location because of keeping armoires on the same floor. The laundry fronts roofed terrace, so dwellers can hang the clothes up to dry here on sunny days.

This two-storey house has a modern look and is made out of solid materials as travertine, clinker brick, mahogany wood, ceramic tile and up-to-date glass rails. Solidity is important for buildings, but also symbolizes the durability of family here.

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