2021 GFD 🏆 Awards

Third Award | Cloud Mansion Sales Center | G&K Architecture Design

The project is a sales center for the property named Cloud Mansion located in Shaoxing, China, which is developed by Shimao Group and Media Group. With a total area of 2,050 square meters, it’s served as a lobby, exhibition hall, bar, negotiation area, and children’s area. Featured concise and flexible layout, the design concept comes from deconstructionism, which is characterized by its contradictions and instabilities as well as the endless changes and possibilities in space.

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🏆 Third Award
Global Future Design Awards 2021

Cloud Mansion Sales Center
Interior Design Built

G&K Architecture Design

Grace Kwai

Design Team
Grace Kwai

Shaoxing, China



Based on the white palette, the lobby adopts concise lines intersected with each other, showing squareness and dignity. The stair-step structure extends the visual effects and the embedded light strip makes the lines slender, clear and fluent, where the space is harmonious and unified, showing the restraint beauty. An art installation called “Vision” is displayed besides the stairs, which is made of transparent plastic film sheet and mounted on a huge bracket with aluminum springs. This piece of artwork is both two-dimensional and three-dimensional with different structure viewed from different angles. Following the traffic line, the water bar is ingeniously extended vertically, continuing the main space color. The tabletop is made of gray marble, and the background wall is decorated with crystal clear wine accessories, presenting an elegant and soft flair, creating a relaxing atmosphere for visitors.

When it comes to the negotiation area, the open space features beige palette, in which the green cushions bring vitality to the space, creating a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. The off-white sofa chairs are tightly enclosed, creating a regular spatial layout, making the space simple and rich in layered beauty. Taken advantage of the layout of book bar area, the soft decorations are re-arranged flexibly in form, quality, and color. A stepped reading space is designed for sitting and resting to highlight the special function. While in the children’s area, the space combines a mint green round table with a stone stool-shaped children’s chair to create a light, pleasant and childlike fairy world. The colorful balls in the wall perfectly integrate the colors into the design.

Completed in November, 2020, the Cloud Mansion sales center creates a flexible space for visitors to enjoy a relaxed and refreshed lifestyle, showing a contemporary aesthetic design through the entire space.

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