UDAD Awards 2019


The building is located in a predominantly residential and commercial urban area at Rua de Monserrate and Largo de São Roque in Viana do Castelo, Portugal.


Third Award- Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2019
Firm | Valdemar Coutinho Arquitectos
Category | Residential
Team | Valdemar Coutinho Santos
Country | Portugal

Campo de Agonia was designed from a commission to design two dwellings, one on the ground floor and the other in duplex on the first floor and top floor in the roof space.

The proposed building is the end of an existing block, it presents itself as a reference element of the band and equally scenic facing the square.

In the construction was used a pallet of finishing materials of very simple facades. He applied a thermal insulation on the exterior with white finish and on the base of the building, a gray blue stone cladding.

The exterior finishes were chosen to continue the existing buildings as well as to solve the comfort of the users of these 2 apartments.

Inside, light and a design-oriented spatial organization predominate to create contemporary apartments in a modern and simple language.

The ground floor apartment is compartmentalized with a hall, a common room, a kitchen and 3 bedrooms with sanitary support facilities. The apartment has a private and intimate interior patio.

The apartment on the floor has practically the same compartmentalization, a hall, a common room, a kitchen and 3 bedrooms with sanitary support facilities, one of the rooms on the top floor.