2021 GFD 🏆 Awards

Third Award | Shanqing Bay Wave | Agile Group

The project integrates seascape resources, coastal beaches, and holiday attributes together. It fronts water and with a hill at the back with superior natural conditions.

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🏆 Third Award
Global Future Design Awards 2021

Shanqing Bay Wave
Residential Architecture Built

Agile Group

Agile Group

Design Team
Li Zhigang, Liang Zhirong, Wang Bingbing, Hu Yafeng, Hu Zhaojian, Huang Bao

Wanning, China


©Zhan Changheng

The designer draw on the space design of the top hotels in Bali, uses Wanning’s local culture and natural landscape features, conveys the spiritual essence of livable life, uses design language to expand space possibilities, and creates a seaside life aesthetics gallery.

The designer planned the entire site based on the geographical factors, making the architectural massing conforming to the height difference of the mountains. In order to enjoy the changing views in the site, as the road rises and falls, twists and turns, the viewing position of guests is getting planned rationally, aiming to bring the best seascape visually. In terms of the balance between regional characteristics and coastal architecture, the climate, culture and modern architecture get integrated.  

Overlooking the whole building from the sky, it seems that the sea is opening its arms and gently embracing the building complex, which makes the original static buildings also have a dynamic feeling, as if they are having a silent dialogue with the sea.

Inspired by sea waves, the curves extracting from the surging sea waves becomes the typical element of the design. What’s more, it arise an excellent chimney effect as well as a model of energy-saving design. The glass curtain wall on the first floor and the steel structure on the top side are both similar and scattering in its massing, presenting the waves on façade. Under this condition, the bottom space and sea view seems boundless. 

As a result, the building forms themes of “waves and swells”, “accumulation of currents to meet the sea”.

The floor-to-ceiling glass is used in the reception to form a multi-directional open view of sea, which is as if the sea is opening its enthusiastic arms to gently embrace the buildings. The reflective glass reflects the environment well, and it looks like the building and scenery are integrated outdoors. At the same time, the combination of wood and light colors with ecological materials makes the texture of leisure of the whole building get presented. The horizontal lines and dynamic modern architecture get the vacation enjoyment at seaside strengthened, highlighting the original design intention of maximizing the vacation feeling of enjoying the seascape.

The design concept originates from the “rising waves”, which not only forms a variety of shapes, but also conforms to the local climate and plays a positive role in ventilation and shading of wide eaves and long aisles. The gentle sea breeze and magnificent sea view inadvertently penetrate into every corner of the building. The lawn on the roof blocks the high temperature of sunshine. The design practice saves energy and contributes to the environment.

At the same time, the building uses materials with regional characteristics and local wood to make visitors closer to local culture and scenery. We have protected and transplanted the original local trees on the site.

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