2021 GFD 🏆 Awards

Third Award | Shubei School | Yuan Ye Architects

SHUBEI SCHOOL is a large-scale project with 7 floors above the ground and 2 underground floors for a total of about 137000 square meters. The main idea is to combine in a single shape building all function required from the the costumers: a big KINDERGARDEN with 24 classroom of 210 square meter each, a primary school

( 24 classrooms for frontal lesson, 4 big rooms double height for dance lessons and activity), a middle school (36 classrooms for frontal lesson, 4 big rooms double high for dance lessons and activity), a ART SCHOOL (20 classroom and activity), the WEEKEND CENTER, DORMITORY(4000 beds) and facility open to the citizen as a

THEATRE (800 seats), CANTEEN and an underground PARKING LOT.

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🏆 Third Award
Global Future Design Awards 2021

Shubei School
Educational Architecture Concept

Yuan Ye Architects

Yuan Ye Architects

Design Team
Yuan Ye Architects



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The main idea is to lift up the main body of the school to create a free space where children can freely move in a fluid circulation in the ground floor (70 percent empty) creating  interesting enclosed area by the volumes of classrooms. The landscape was designed to have a smooth grass hills where children can use it as a playground, under the dormitory building block are locate the colored glass living room, flexible space that are design to have a different functions as a small library or party space or talking are.

The entire complex composed of tree traversal bodies of classrooms and the longitudinal body of dormitory (divided in different block by the colored staircase) are joined by the green flat platform aimed at ensuring further playground and space.

The all project is organized around two yards, the largest for sport with a 400 meters running track, football pitch and 6 basketball fields and the smaller yard dedicated to arts instead, as a urban stage with a big stairs added to it, aimed to hosting performance, parties or events.

the volume of the theatre is covered of grass, and become a big kindergarten playground, facing on the entrance and surrounded by the the body two longitudinal body, create an enclose but open space as a lift garden for play.

The topography of the land has a difference in height of 1.45 meters between the south-east and north-west corners, it was therefore decided to level the 0.00 elevation with a plane, guaranteeing the entrances to the school from the south.

The two levels below the 0.00 floor to the north of the site, therefore, enjoy natural light taking advantage of the difference in height of 11.45 meters and host the functions open to the city with independent entrances but connected with the didactic functions and dormitories. in this regard, the large glass lobby of the theater acts as an urban lantern, like a crystal set in the project with the floating body of the exhibition gallery in glass finds space, which stitches up the project by creating an entrance gate on an urban scale.

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